1. American people are too comfortable. Toppling the elite would mean losing a lot of amenities and life would be more difficult. We're too selfish of a country to give up our comfort for things that don't affect a majority.

  2. i think this is true, especially the latter part. our culture breeds an individualistic mindset where it’s everyone out for themselves. but there are also a lot of other factors making it more risky and difficult to protest.

  3. the OG grey v6 is definitely the move compared to the Action Bronson’s.

  4. i think if you got rid of the copper and brown color blocking it could have been all-time great. not sure what color would look good replacing it though. it does look really chaotic.

  5. these refs have been atrocious. Bama just hacking down on guys' arms and nothing is getting called.

  6. There’s no difference between jjjjound or Kith and these tho lol. It’s all hype. Quality is the same across the board. NB is manufacturing them.

  7. can’t speak for the others but the ALD 993s had suede insoles, so sometimes the materials are nicer on the collab models.

  8. +1 for DC. it’s expensive but you also don’t have to own a car, so no car insurance or parking costs. metro is not as reliable as NYC but it’s cleaner and mostly runs on-time. the bus system is also pretty good. the city as a whole is also way cleaner than NYC or Philly.

  9. John Oliver recently did a segment on just how bad the timeshare industry is.

  10. such a good segment. i knew they were a scam but holy shit. what a complete nightmare.

  11. Season 1 was one of my favorite seasons of TV ever. Season 2 was still good but didn't feel the same to me. Hoping they can recapture that Season 1 magic this season.

  12. agreed. the quality really fell off in season 2 outside a couple of episodes. the writing just isn’t as good.

  13. he made some comment a couple days ago that Arsenal have had a healthy squad for most of the season compared to United. so basically he cursed us 😭

  14. She was supposed to come to our community meeting in petworth and sent her deer in headlights constituatant services rep.

  15. Yes of course. I think the vegetables and fruit in both Europe and the USA are bland though (I was raised in the USA but originally from the tropics). Food in Europe has clearly less sugar. I don’t eat a lot of processed food but food in the US definitely has too much sugar it is no wonder obesity is raging there. I try to shop at trader joes and eat relatively healthy so I don’t gain weight when I’m there.

  16. Trader Joe’s is like 90% processed foods though.

  17. Kiwior when he’s asked to defend a corner kick

  18. i’m surprised i haven’t seen any official Trossard status updates. some on Twitter saying he’s officially out for Thursday against Sporting and could be out for a couple of weeks.

  19. it’s worse when you consider the guy is not just an employee—he founded a SaaS company (Figma) that Twitter pays to provide services. Elon didn’t even recognize the name of the company and assumed the guy was trolling. wild levels of incompetence.

  20. my uncle was killed riding a bike in an accident just like this. fucking hell.

  21. same exact thing happened to me. i ended up using the flat part of some nail clippers (the part that slides out like a swiss army knife) and shoved it in the opening to unglue it.

  22. good to know that’ll work without damaging the shoe! cheers

  23. anything above retail for Nikes is overpriced. they may be hyped, but not because of the quality of construction.

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