1. As I understand, there's a flannelette curtain?

  2. Tasmanian devil. Apparently their fur is really soft.

  3. Seeing that photo of the RoTJ Boba Fett actor without the helmet

  4. I don't know what it was called, but in the late 80s/early 90s guys at my high school short buzzcut their heads, but left a long fringe they'd style it up with gel.

  5. Take her to meet and feed native wildlife at a sanctuary or rescue or something?

  6. Oh I love this idea! A special uniquely Australian outing, something she couldn’t experience back in Russia.

  7. If I got to cradle an orphan joey wrapped in a blanket and feed it a bottle of milk I would remember that forever

  8. I've still been able to get the wicked wings in the zinger box, it's just not on their displays

  9. Her response to any difficult conversation was, "Well why don't we just break up?"

  10. Nana lives up the road from my old flat in Broadbeach, Gold Coast

  11. Bandit is a gassy giant and bringer of jollity

  12. In Sleepy Time, when Bandit is Jupiter - the gassy giant and bringer of jollity

  13. For me; he does good sci-fi, but he doesn't do good characters

  14. This is what probation periods are for.

  15. This is going to be really hard

  16. For some reason I immediately looked for the Batman symbol

  17. About six, then just enough milk to form a gooey, spoonable paste

  18. "How the weather up/down there?"

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