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  1. Before you went on your first day did you receive any training instructions or online training?

  2. Yes, I did they actually send me another one today about getting pay in the USA.

  3. Hi, this exact thing happened to me! On my start date, they took my group in a classroom for a 5 minute conversation to tell us we would have to relocate locations due to high volume of employees (they were really just about to shut down) and start a week later from our start date. Told us we will still be paid for that week anyways since it was an inconvenience. So yep your first check should show your pay for this week, whenever your direct deposit comes in. Just make sure to calculate it or compare with your start group! They underpaid me and I ended up having to get HR to fix it.

  4. Thank you! And I’ll make sure to calculate the hours, you where more of a help than the people that they have working at that help line thing.

  5. I would rather to ride my roach of a cliff thank you.

  6. I displayed hard to find trophies. Some of the hard to find collectible armor and swords. New moon, Han Daidth, etc…. Had to toss a wooden sword in there just because you can. Was disappointed I couldn’t mount the caretaker shovel. Filled all the paintings too.

  7. Do you know how many swords can you actually set up in the house?

  8. Wow!! I’m reading the GOT books at the moment. What was the reference?

  9. I saw a little girl playing and when I walked in front of her she said I had/have a brother that gave me a sword and I named it needle.

  10. That’s amazing! Can’t believe I missed that.

  11. Is really easy to miss specially if your not in the habit of walking into places like that, reason I found it was because I the decided to walk in-there to check if there was anything worth looting in that place since the game only takes you there once and it is under specific circumstances.

  12. No is not worth it, besides if I’m not mistaking that sword is a lootable item.

  13. For those like me who hadn't heard of it, this is the Ancient Bristlecone Forest in California. It was mentioned in something I was reading about Australia's "dinosaur tree" Wollemi Pines and looked eerily familiar when I looked it up!

  14. Thank you for that great info I looked it up and I was like 🤯

  15. Just want to collect it, no reason really

  16. Ah ok, well you can find a bunch of it by simply looting .

  17. Do main city merchants, armorers, and blacksmiths offer more crowns for the goods?

  18. Leshens, I remember the first time that I saw one in the distance and I was like wtf is that and then boom he reappear next to me and he had a red skull so yeah I had to haul ass out of there that was crazy lol.

  19. Lmao bold of you to assmume it will come out before 2077, and also that it will be good

  20. Well maybe I’m one of those people that see the cup half full not half empty.

  21. Why are you excited for this in higher fps? I like the game how it is. I just want the next game, not a slightly another version of what we have.

  22. I guess because I already know that I like this one as for the next version I won’t know if I like it or not until I play it.

  23. Nah the only thing I like about that gear is the gold you get for them, and that I use some of the swords for decoration at corvo Bianco. Never liked how those armor look on Geralt.

  24. I disagree. The risk factor is a HUGE aspect of why people watch and respect this type of content.

  25. Why would anybody respect the level of stupidity that these shit heads are displaying.

  26. Do you think he uses the sun's radiation to help counter the gamma radiation. Hence why he has to position himself with his butthole facing the sun, so he can achieve maximum anal energy absorption?

  27. No I don’t think that he has any problems with interracial relationships, I think that he has a problem with Netflix not keeping their show accurate to the source material just to be “politically right/inclusive”.

  28. Just use spies, Scorch, and the northern deck, and to be honest you can defeat almost every NPC with it and the siege unit cards and the leader Foltest the siegemaster also may sure to have the clear weather card in case they use Torrential Rain against you.

  29. https://witcher-games.fandom.com/wiki/Manuscript_page:_Superior_Northern_Wind

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