1. Clarks Cuts, look em up on Booksy. It’s in downtown round rock

  2. Make cat toys with them, sell them. Tie a string or something to ending eyelit and move it around in front of a cat.

  3. If there was ever gonna be a remake in live action she should be played by Ruby O. Fee. I think she has the right energy for the character.

  4. Had a friend that actually laughed like that.

  5. Supposedly there was at one time a shack building in the sticks off the road was being used for satanic rituals.

  6. Look up austin360.com. Also the Austin chronicle.

  7. Haven’t willingly want to listen to that station in years. Are they still playing “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne every hour by the hour or on the hour? Sick of the overplayed rock n roll songs. Maybe if they played deep cuts from certain bands it may survive.

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