1. First time with Hinge, looking for something serious with someone serious. Made my profile pretty much right now.

  2. I think only keep pic 3, 4 (without the text etc) and 5. Not sure about the 1st one, the second is clearly and old photo and not a good one at that, and the memes/text pics are a bit cringe. Don't need the last one of you and a big group that you're barely visible in.

  3. Not my ex gf, although I get your point 😬

  4. The inventory thing is a staple of the genre look at re games and the og dead space

  5. Neither of those games had such a limited inventory, and they also had options to store ítems in frequently placed safe zones. Callisto just forces you to leave behind half the stuff you find for no good reason at all.

  6. Dead space didn’t the inventory was small until you upgraded it. It was created by the guy that made Callisto as well

  7. You could start upgrading the inventory at the end of the very first level

  8. Right now? Gotham Knights. While it doesn't reach the Arkham games quality, it's by no means a bad game. A pretty enjoyable superhero open world game, with an interesting Batman story and good worldbuilding.

  9. So they don’t know what families are is what you’re saying?

  10. My favorite part of me3 is when grunt rides into battle on a T Rex leading a battlion of dinosaurs, saving the galaxy. Such a beautiful moment. 😭

  11. Actually, that can happen for real in the game. There is a side quest for finding some krogan dinosaur fossil to clone them and make them war animals for them.

  12. He already did. His voice actor said Harvey was a football player before studying law.

  13. I actually think thats just a writing error. There’s other evidence that its set in 2019.

  14. It wasn't wasted because the game was never made with the idea of getting the R rating in the first place, the developers said they were actually surprised by it. That's why there isn't anything too extreme.

  15. This Alfred was so out of character

  16. The whole Wayne family is different in Telltale's universe, You can't expect Alfred to be the same as other versions, not with the whole "Thomas was a criminal" thing.

  17. I hate how Rocksteady didn’t take full advantage of the game having a M for Mature/PEGI 18 game rating to give us a more gruesome and darker story having Two-Face kidnap the political figures that were affiliated with Carmine Falcone to take justice in his own twisted way instead of making him just be a generic bank robber.

  18. The Game wasn't going to be M rated. Rocksteady Saíd they were surprised by the rating.

  19. Okay so Batman Arkham Knight plays it very safe with the M rating because it wasn't written to be an M Rated story.

  20. The LE has the Extended Cut DLC, wich brings more closure and explains things better, showing you the different outcomes of every choice.

  21. I failed to say this, i get the originals problem since that was truly shit, but i think now most fans accepted that LE’s extended ending is the “true” ones and at that people still hate it as far as i saw

  22. Well, I wouldn't say that many people hate the Extended Cut, it's just that the original version made it hard to judge the DLC and feel impacted by it, after a bad first experience. It probably would be regarded way better if it had been the original conclussion.

  23. Because she is not a threat. Spider sense isn't supposed to work with friends and relatives.

  24. Tbf I don't really like the idea that these guys come from universes where they're the only hero around. I always liked to imagine the Raimi trilogy being in the same universe as X-Men, FF and Hulk 2003

  25. They never denied that, though. Only that there aren't avengers.

  26. Nikki García is a voice actress from Spain. If she is the one voicing Samus in the English dub, then it would probably be only grunts and chozo language. Otherwise, they would use another voice for the english dub.

  27. What? Where did you read that? I don't even buy for a second that Telltale would even consider having someone like Bale voicing the game. They don't have the budget for anything like that.

  28. The articles fails the mention that this ultron/vision comes to being way sooner then it does in the mcu

  29. That's because that Ultron comes from another universe.

  30. probably. Frankly I was turned off the whole What If thing when the story leaks indicated how negative they were going to be about Tony throughout. Granted, an argument can be made that if the 'sacred timeline' had to go exactly as it did, then Tony had to die, and the logical reason would be that he was too much of a threat to the plans of those promoting said timeline.

  31. Lmao, imagine thinking that Marvel and Disney are killing people in a what if series out of "spite". You really need to grow up.

  32. It seems that the Avengers reassembled in order to fight the zombie threat. Guess Tony did call Cap in this timeline.

  33. No. Aside from legal issues, seeing Mark in TIH scenes makes it easier to accept that the movie is canon and imagining him as part of the events.

  34. Is that little blonde girl supposed to be Holiday? it looks like it could be!

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