1. It's kinda gross the way refs always feel the need to fondle players on every play as they go back to the huddle

  2. We also call them doodle bugs

  3. Owen has a little man crush I see

  4. Thanks in advance for your help!

  5. He crossed over the other side!

  6. How do you have two teams as a flair? I don't think I've ever seen that before

  7. doesnt work with old.reddit tho :(

  8. There's nothing you can do at this point in the season. They're already everywhere.

  9. wtf is this split screen shit

  10. But that 5th rounder might make it off the practice squad in 3 years to provide 6 snaps on ST!

  11. They fuckin waived tj vasher...

  12. Qt invited him to the awards...

  13. “We decided not to show the replay to you” narrator: “Well that was a lie”

  14. Usually they play more than one replay

  15. Did they just say they decided not to show the replay? What the hell are they talking about

  16. Usually they play more than 1 replay

  17. All the nfl hate Dan snyder

  18. Until Jerry Jones (and the Jones family) steps down as GM, the cowboys won't win anything significant.

  19. Damn...Those prices are ~30% less than my market

  20. Hey 20 bucks minimum tab bro

  21. Again. Micah you shoulda just got up and said good hit. No reason to make it wierd...

  22. really bad taste to have prince andrew in the procession

  23. Didn't read the article maybe it was mentioned but she was dismissed at first. There is a great episode of invisibilia Podcast with her where she tells her story.

  24. Wasn't she also on radiolab?

  25. Do not support this channel. It looks like it's run by the tow company itself....

  26. Nigeria... but seriously Shuri and Aso Rock. Even the uber drivers like em so you know they're legit

  27. I'll repeat the top comments here - each party should get their own representation. Top recommendations would be McClure Law Group, Koons Fuller, ONDA. You don't want a rinky dink firm. You get what you pay for but also the top partners charge a lot so there's probably a middle ground in getting at least a 3rd year associate somewhere.

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