1. it is efficient/practical to use up to 1505 (+21)...just keep in mind that any honor shards used to prep the equipment would be abandoned if you upgrade to ancient before successful hone. in other words, if you had dumped honor shards into a +20 relic and then slammed 320 fused leapstones at it without success (it remains at +20)... if you upgrade that piece to ancient, the honor shard investment disappears.

  2. matchmaking is literally instant. it is so annoying when people queue up, actively press accept, and THEN go afk. they know what they are doing.

  3. its actually quite shocking they havent addressed the marketplace... players cant spend pheons and whales cant sell packs to f2p players. this cuts into their bottom line significantly.

  4. as a dps, waiting for a support sucks. someone else can do it while i watch a video.

  5. Just a quick point: Why is Igniter considered the better build for Sorc, yet BT isn't considered the better build for Zerk? They are both practically the same (meter build up, all burst in one window). Is it just that BT isn't yet as strong as Mayhem and Reflux just isn't as strong as Igniter?

  6. BT lasts WAYY longer than igniter. it also takes WAYY longer to build up... unless you go the dominion fang route. dominion fang has a much lower ceiling than poem of salvation however. the 'advantage' of dominion fang is that it will offer similar damage to mayhem will likely being cheaper to 5x3 (depends on market). poem BT is certainly 'better' than mayhem if played out well but there are a lot of issues with cutscenes and gauge management... in practice, mayhem will often put up similar numbers with less effort/thought.

  7. Windblade is your highest gauge generator, and it's a decent movement skill. Why would you drop that? Personally, I'd drop Maelstrom: it generates less gauge than Tempest Slash, it's wonky to cast, and the bonus Crit Rate isn't that useful if you consider the damage lost by having a skill that hits like a wet noodle and is only useful to generate gauge during the 30 seconds window you are out of Fury.

  8. there is not enough skill points to level 12 everything. maelstrom and mountain crash at 7... good utility buttons and allow (mostly) everything else to be capped. also gems to be considered... especially berserker that has bloody rush as extra gems to play with.

  9. no it isnt. but ah issues are very annoying.

  10. It accomplish pointing out to other people in this thread that he does not care about mental health no matter what he says, and the same goes for a fuckton of this thread who thinks Danny is just sad and should be ousted from the LCS entire because they not only have a perverted view of mental health and a perverted view of how work works, they also have a perverted view of how competition works. Remember, Danny's mental was bad enough that fucking Riot Games themselves approved a demand for an emergency replacement, and still you see this shithole of a gamer subreddit denying it's anything serious and regurgitating macho clichés from the 90s about how they were abused by work and sucked it up so Danny should too.

  11. what else was riot going to do? DQ the team? make them play 4v5?

  12. ...Reject the demand and force EG to play with an obviously unwell Danny? Which didn't happen?

  13. why are we assuming Danny should be FORCED to play now? shouldnt we be concerned about Danny? What if Danny, as an absolute, was not going to play?

  14. there will never be a full solution but AGS/Smilegate can provide helpful pushes if they wanted to. the Mokoko buff is a great start. how about also giving bonus loot to everyone in the party if there is a Mokoko player in it. create reasons to help others out.

  15. All the whining about "gatekeeping" distracts from the actual problem: Support shortage.

  16. a problem that assuredly would -not- be helped by releasing artist sooner. good thing we got reaper now!

  17. Where did I say I forgot to equip it? You made up a maybe there. TS, WW, and sleep is mandatory or am I not understanding what you are saying here.

  18. that is exactly the point. forgetting to equip it excusable. 'forgetting' to use it is intentional. cant imagine who you thought you might convince out here. cheapo.

  19. So I guess forgetting not throwing "in time" is intentional. Big whoop, yeah gotcha you are full of yourself

  20. im full of myself huh? you still trying to delude yourself and other people. you didnt notice the cleansing you needed to do before? the big stagger bar? -everyone else- throwing whirlwinds? you just forgot. yup. just forgot.

  21. why are you even participating in the game? if the vertical content doesnt matter to you then you certainly dont need the stat bonuses to do adventure islands or sailing events or whatever it is you are doing...

  22. its a lot of forced arguments and unnecessary comparisons.

  23. They could have done that as well, but I think people still would have been unhappy based on the fact that some people got 60 pheons (based on having only gold earning characters) vs 240 max.

  24. in order to have gotten up to 240 pheons... you would have needed to SPEND MONEY to buy the character slot. they earned it. nothing unfair about it.

  25. It seems super impressive, until you realize how much time it take them to do the first half of the fight (well, more like third).

  26. you are mis-representing the scenario on both sides.

  27. No offense but that guy either copy pasted numerous info from different place or just doesnt know how lost ark works I stopped as soon as he started talking about positional He has some pertinant info but dont take anything from this as correct

  28. the guide looks fine, not sure where your issue is. the only point you brought up is positional and what is written there is accurate for berserker. its very rare for berserker to use entropy in korea version even... poem far more popular. the attack animations are way too long and require red dust setup windows to do good damage. it is too inconsistent to play berserker as a back attack class. back attacks are nice when it lines up but you dont go out of your way for it.

  29. The issue is with the logic and explanation he use by saying the exact oposite The long cooldown you have the more important it is to make the most out of it So exemple on zerker BT which has very long cooldown especially if not using dom and currently nobody has lvl 10cd on BT you do want to back attack You have very long cooldown most of the time you are already perfectly placed to start wombo combo so you arent even wasting time doing so

  30. so the red dust combo is literally 6 seconds of not moving from both the berserker and the boss. that is -very- rare outside of knockouts. it is certainly possible but inconsistent... as i said already.

  31. i dont agree with the skin costs but the skins are 100% optional and do not enhance/hinder gameplay. in fact, outside of reinhart and brigitte... you cant even see your own skin.

  32. a lot of people are looking for tripods and it is annoyingly difficult to setup filters for individual tripods -- especially listing for sale. this is not a surprise.

  33. Do you feel like you're getting value out of charge? I replaced charge with light of judgment a while back. I'd suggest you save the LoJ Faith tripod this week and give it a shot next week - it's a very strong identity generator that's superior to keeping charge off cooldown to reposition or spamming it on cooldown because you don't use it to reposition anyways.

  34. i seem to personally favor punishment for the 2 destruction and high stagger on a lot of fights, but otherwise agree... LoJ is way better than charge

  35. Yeah I don’t think there’s a team NA can assemble this year that you can look at and say would make it out of groups based on how it went this year

  36. looks like ruler is a free agent and corejj needs a buddy in the bot lane.

  37. the secret is unironically to only recruit people with 5x3 and at least mid 1480++ gear score. the defense is a help but the damage difference will help skip a lot of Clown's overlapping mechanics (flip curse on clown entry is the biggest awkward killer)

  38. Totally not true. I’ve cleared yesterday my clown run on my 4th character. We were a full title lobby and ALL on ilvl. I have 4x3+2 as sorc, striker was only 4x3 at all.

  39. your advice of 'dont suck' is only addressed by playing the encounter a lot and also dying a lot. this extends to people you would party with. you indeed can clear clown on ilvl with 4x3s. you are going to experience more clown mechanics and combinations of mechanics than groups with higher damage. that is objectively a more difficult experience, that has more chances for deaths.

  40. True, I don't think anyone would go for it because of that. Also because NA's going budget this year. Though I still think it's the best shot at a NA team doing well internationally since at this point NA players can't compete anymore. Their only hope is Jojopyun.

  41. 'budget' just means not giving bloated contracts to NA veterans and Korean has-beens.

  42. I think XL would win the lcs, in the last five years splyce, fnatic, g2, rogue, and mad lions made it out of groups where as only c9 has for na

  43. mad lions has also TWICE now failed to make it out of play-ins. a statistic unique to Europe as a major region.

  44. statics are generally wishful. unless you were already friends before, dont expect a newly formed static to last more than a few clears anyways.

  45. some examples... someone causing delay by showing up late consistently. someone wanting to reschedule the raid. someone saying they need to delay 1 hour and then doesnt show. someone underperforming (mechs, consumables, damage, etc), difficult to call if you intend to keep the static together. if your group schedules raid late in the week, may be difficult to get the clear if your group fails on scheduled day (because you lost a few days already).

  46. your analysis on the entitlement is 100% the issue. the goal is to make you the dastardly villain and them the helpless victim. these players want to skip the line and not pay for it.

  47. make your own party. you clearly have enough xp for it.

  48. My man trying to get his class nerfed...tbflooks lime a 25+ wep, but still

  49. imagining Smilegate looks at NA reddit for balancing?

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