1. also Me7 posted trick for the last race when you have to crash into the opponent. you can turn youre car around and drive opposite direction, then crash into the other one

  2. vraag: waar zit de meeste vis eigenlijk?

  3. i did this on my mazda 787b, but with brighter red. (how can i add picture of this car in my reply?)

  4. a dad from one of the Minions?

  5. tip: spend your gold wisely

  6. these are the wrong instructions! it shows black gloves and black paper. this is white paper and i wonder if you did wear black gloves? 🙃

  7. It’s asking for Buses, that is a singular bus. fail! 😂

  8. Thats what i was thinking!

  9. It asks for BUSES. There is only one BUS.

  10. you can buy , but its locked so can you race it then? do you have to unlock it in other races first?

  11. Off course you can race it after buying it and for the second part of your question, no, its already unlocked cause you already owned it

  12. I really do not like this circuit. Cant get the first corner right with lot of the faster cars and also some other corners following. The other way around is way better.

  13. What if they are not wearing a dress? And what does the visited missis think when you pull the dress of her butt and pull it on your self?

  14. Lucky Lukes sister i think? She moves faster then her shadow…..

  15. Close; first foto is Domburg. the hotel and watertower on the left. The second picture??? looks like something from Ice Age movie… perhaps an old idea to keep the NothSea out….

  16. Worse than staged. It’s staged poorly.

  17. i know there are dumb people (not only woman) but that dumb or behaving that dump. when i see petrol flowing out of the pistol, then probably its not staged. others wise it is probably.

  18. Ahhahahaha i know this actually, that happened to me on F1 Challenger event. But waiting for it is just nerve breaking hahahah

  19. on the last picture you have 5 days left so i am sure you reach rank B, congrats on that. never been able to. but dont hasitate to race again and improve.

  20. no didnt. was referring to the challenge where the poster is talking about. know it was reply on youre reply. so sorry for confusing. but what about the audis performing quite well? i will try with my audi (PS 9,5)this evening…

  21. some have only but air in their head instead of brains, that could explain why some are taller….😏

  22. I think its the Stig…..

  23. We all are Stigs in our cars (visually only… not sure about each other’s skills😬😂)

  24. thatstrue, i forgot! The driver has always completely white clothing and helmet.

  25. Painted some camouflage on it. Driving it isnt that bad. (Dont know how to add picture in the reply, only linking is available)

  26. i only care for winning gold…..

  27. was developped with Michael Schumacher or am i wrong? like Honda NSX was devlopped with Senna.

  28. yes! mine too. not yet fully upgraded, so perhaps when fully upgraded its gone. or is it like f1 porpoising?

  29. next you do the 2023 event?

  30. i dont know either. made us happy with a dead sparrow so to speak. perhaps because its an older challenge launched again. in the old days you had to wait until next day to continue, today these new challenges you can continue until your tired of it. have the car allready in the garage and upgraded 75% so i see how far i can get.

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