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  1. We were out in the field practicing convoy ops in Okinawa. The year was 2011. I ate the charms...same day, a tsunami destroyed Japan which killed over 15,000 people. Don't eat the Charms.

  2. That's where your comtac system is supposed to go...STUPID!

  3. Ok, Devils! School circle. New Marine Corps Order just dropped. Everyone has to head over to CIF after chow and get issued their Anti-Masterbation Cross's. Sgt Maj wants to see it with everyone on the next gear inspection. Tracking?

  4. Buy some really shitty furniture from Ikea and make your living room into a barracks room. Get drunk and play call of duty wearing your kevlar.

  5. He did too good. He will now be bumped up to pro level lobbies where he will get his ass destroyed.

  6. For astro, I have used the Rokinon 12mm f2.0 MF (which now comes in AF for a steeper price) and I currently use the Sigma 16mm f1.4. The Sony 11mm f1.8 might be interesting as well.

  7. Samyang/Rokinon make lenses that punch way above their price point. I've used the 14/2.8 and the 24/1.4 extensively. You might be able to save a little extra money by getting the Canon EF mount versions and an adapter since you don't need autofocus for astro. Although if you see yourself needing AF for another purpose, I'd recommend sticking to native E mount.

  8. You gon get out here devil man. Just go away. Don'tchu come back no more no more no more.

  9. No...noo....noooooooo flashbacks aghhhhhhhh!

  10. Guess you ain't sleeping or going to work for the next 24+. Good luck sir. O7

  11. We had to manually track VHS tapes with a knob on the VCR when they got fuzzy.

  12. Nah right fam. Love the framing of the crop.

  13. This is a single shot of totality this morning before sunrise over the South River in Maryland... Canon T2i with a Tamron 16-300 lens at 66mm, f/5. 1.3 sec exposure at ISO 400.

  14. You lucky duck. The mountains in Frederick blocked my view this morning.

  15. Players from UK: we literally have no idea what you’re talking about! 😂

  16. On retro barrel options for the M4 platform it comes with a front sight post by default. When you add any optic it removes the front sight post which is not realistic to the actual weapon platform. Adding an optic should not remove the front sight post. It was a bad design call by IW.

  17. Idk man. What annoys me even more is that it’d be an easy fix. I remember watching build up videos for the original black ops and the commando and the front post with a red dot sight pre release and then the full game got rid of it. I’m betting it could be done easily today

  18. Definitely just delete the code that removes the front sight post when a scope is added. Boom done.

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