1. It’s actually a “new” picture. I’m aware this has happened to other people and they’ve posted a pic of theirs but this happened to me yesterday and its my own picture.

  2. where do you live at to be able to get corn on ur pizza from dominos??

  3. Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 UK 🇬🇧

  4. I got this pizza just before I posted it. I’ve seen it happen to other ppl too but this happened to me, today. The picture is not a repost

  5. Leaning NAH but I'm trying to understand why your SIL decided to invite everyone to your house and asked your GF, not you. Why would she do this ? I'm not even sure the rest of your family is up for this plan of hers. So she may be an AH.

  6. My GF and my 2 brothers GF’s talk almost daily. The 3 of them usually plan any family get togethers and me and my brothers just go along with it. Literally any other day of the year I wouldn’t have had a problem with them all coming over. My brothers and their GFs knew it was “that” day and wanted to get together but my GF didn’t realise when she said yes.

  7. My brothers and sisters and their partners

  8. I’m in, I’ll bring the multi purpose rope

  9. Solved. The song I was thinking of was James TW - When you love someone. It’s not as similar as I thought it was but still glad I found it again. Thanks for the help

  10. It's gotta be Jason Mraz, right? I'm Yours has a similar vibe, so does Lucky (ft. Colbie Caillat). Probably a bunch of his other stuff too but those are the songs I know.

  11. Latex self levelling compound will give you a good base. When its mixed its like a runny cement or screed, pour a thin layer across the floor and it will fill in any gaps like this, aswell as any uneven bits between the tiles, and give you a flat level surface.

  12. That’s what I used. Thank you for your help, appreciate it

  13. Blessings be, we have an been there. This is the best place to ask. I was just concerned if you caused yourself financial loss trying to put new vinyl.

  14. I see what you mean now. Yeah I’m paying for someone to fit the floor. Was just trying to make sure the floor was level before they come to fit the new vinyl. I’ve gone with a self levelling compound

  15. I would either find a piece of tile or use levelung compound. I would do what ever is cheaper.

  16. I used levelling compound. Thanks for your help

  17. I can say I’ve never wondered what my username tastes like… until now. Do longer names contain more flavours ?

  18. You got mutated arges ? If so what colours ? What level did they hatch at ?

  19. So Heatwave + Slipstream + 4 Keys + 2 PCC + 2 C4 for your £20 Friends and Family PayPal and you have agreed to go 1st. Correct ?

  20. Nope, I can't see any of my certs on my own screen

  21. Happened to me a few days ago. Certs will come back eventually

  22. If your patient you will get it for 18, Gl

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