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  1. i think i have the same grinder, i love it

  2. Concave lid chromium crusher? 2 rows of teeth? Best grinder I’ve ever had!

  3. I believe mine is a Tsunami grinder, it’s probably close to 10 years old. also has two rows and shreds.

  4. Toss a coin in the chamber where the ground up weed is. Helps to knock the kief off. This is from about a half ounce.

  5. now your ground flower is just weaker, i don’t really understand the whole kief collection craziness

  6. i wish i could learn to dance, i feel the music but don’t know what to do with myself lol

  7. do not eat any root vegetable unless you are absolutely sure you know what it is, that being said I do not know what kind of plants those are sorry

  8. It is a strip or “snake” of Rosin rolled in the center of a joint, basically a concentrate infused joint

  9. invested that shit into the neighborhood

  10. i’d change out of the clothes you smoked it, as they may smell. maybe wear a hat to cover your hair so it doesn’t smell? a bowl or pipe will make you smell less than a joint. always wash your hands and cover your breath. (and always smoke outside if you don’t want to smell)

  11. I stopped using my pax after probably 3 pods, They don’t hit hard enough (vapor thickness wise)

  12. where should I be going to get weed?

  13. M27 and the last thing I planted was a sunflower about 20 years ago (it died).

  14. im ignorant about how seasons work in places other than the US lol, but if your first frost day (first freeze) is more than 1 month away, you could always start radishes, lettuce, and other short season crops.

  15. right looks like the gelato i have right now, bud i’d choose left at the moment

  16. i got an ounce of pineapple upside down cake about a year ago, BM, one of the craziest smelling strains i’ve had

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