1. Not all but some will surely sprout. And to store these seeds small ziplock will do.

  2. Take a clone or 2 from every candidate and put in veg tent.(everyone should really do that anyway) if you find your beauty grow out the 2 you choose to cross and pollinate them.

  3. This is the way. I have been making clones from clones of one landrace from past 2 years.

  4. Never bothered weighing as it was 12/12 from day one was just one cola, went about 9 weeks in flower. goal was to make a few seeds to select a couple of keepers from

  5. Okay. I was planning this strain for my next run along with balochistan tiger. This all are indica dominant strains right ?

  6. The Pakistan Chitral Kush is I think the tiger is sativa you would have to check ace seeds

  7. This is the way... I planted 5 plants in one pot just for experimental purpose. And all grew together and all flowered together.

  8. Your whole plant energy has been sucked by these pest...its better you discard this. And start with one clean grow.

  9. Mate your plant is infested with mites do something now or your yeild will get fucked.

  10. whenever i am a bit proud of MH these type of ppl come infront of me

  11. Exactly... Because of these jobless goons I hate Maharashtra. Bhadve log kabhi solo toh aayge nahi matter karne. Hijdo ki fauj saath me leke ghumege video banane ke liye.

  12. Waise kaunsa Delhi Punjab up bihar main log solo aate hain har jagah politician group main hi aate hain

  13. Bhaiji politician samjh me aata hai group me aaye toh but ye politician ke gote takleef dete hai. Or bura toh tab lagta hai jab police bhi in chooso ke side leti hai.

  14. Wtf😳 You know nothing is going to change. A fixed percentage of population will keep working hard, pay taxes and spend mindfully each month . I am not dismissing the need for basic resources but this is not the way. If i am not wrong some of them got farzi aadhar card made as well.. i am not sure .

  15. Just stick it behind your cellphone or inside your phone cover if you have then.

  16. Damn...thats way too much... You should try dehumidifier dry cabinet. I had brought that for my camera lens and gears. But it works charm for curing too. And it costs around 150 to 200$

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