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  1. Waypoint Link since he seems forgot to add it.

  2. I can guarantee you the pilots makes about half of what you'd expect, unlike fixed wing, helicopter pilots are notoriously under paid. They might make decent money but probably not over 100k

  3. For most jobs yes. There are some very lucrative rotary jobs out there but I’m not sure what this one pays. I’d imagine it would be minimum 100k though this looks like it requires more skill than simply flying someone from point a to point b.

  4. I'd sure love to be a pilot, but oh wait they fucking hate me because I have adhd, and take meds for it. You can get blackout drunk every night as a pilot.. that's a okay, but to take a stimulant drug to help you focus? Nah we can't have that.

  5. Believe or not the hyper fixation that comes from adhd comes in handy for piloting. When youre in the cockpit you feel very in tune with the machine and in some ways it’s probably makes you more capable.

  6. I considered making the map on the bottom of mires for water, or adding some effects to mimic it but in the end I chose no water. If they add water FX in the future I would love to re-do the map with the water that Shrine has in H2A.

  7. Someone mentioned something about adding more details... A lot of times, less is more actually. I think this is fucking beautiful man. I wouldn't touch it.

  8. It’s a fine balance. I actually had a version that had more grass and flora but it messes up the Nav mesh. It’s a fine balance indeed. Glad you like it!

  9. The current plan is a combination of MH-60S and LCS. A few exped HSC squadrons are attempting the mission, and supposedly once the LCS minesweeping kit to complete, they'll close the last HM squadron.

  10. The Sierra community is hurting for a job I’m not surprised they’re attempting it. I love the sierra but the Romeo can do everything they can do and so much more, and this is coming from a Romeo pilot who wanted to fly sierras (and sorta still does).

  11. I was surprised how late anyone noticed the other aircraft

  12. Distracted pilot is one factor, but it’s also worth noting that aircraft can look far away and get uncomfortably close in a short amount of time. In training we learn the term “constant bearing, decreasing range” to understand closure. We use this to understand how to avoid midair as well as intercepting one. If another aircraft is sitting in the same spot of your vision for an extended amount of time then the two of you are on collision course. A helicopter that size won’t look larger than maybe your thumb until it’s within a couple hundred feet.

  13. Not all aircraft have ADS-B out, just those operating where it’s required. ADS-B in is rare on GA planes.

  14. If you’re a weekend warrior at a small D airport or untowered airstrip I suppose, but I’m betting most GA aircraft have them for ease of flying.

  15. I had a 3060TI for a while with about the exact same setup. VR ran pretty well playing games like half life Alyx, beat saber, labs, into the radius etc. I did however hit some limitations when I played Microsoft Flight Sim and Skyrim Vr with mods and Valheim and Minecraft with mods. Your limit here will probably be your VRAM. After upgrading to the 7900xt and having 20 gigs of vram I can play any game without lag or skip.

  16. How does your 7900XT treat you? I was thinking about upgrading from 2070 Super. I've heard a lot of bad stuff about AMD Drivers and non functional motion smoothing

  17. The one major issue that I didn’t know about prior to buying the card is 144hz doesn’t work. I haven’t found a workaround for it so I’m stuck at 120. 120 is fine but with two monitors running 144 and index running 120 it causes odd smoothing issues that I think I can solve by setting all my refresh rates to 120. Maybe it’ll be a driver fix, maybe they’ll be some community fix. It’s not game breaking or unplayable just a tad annoying.

  18. Yeah, no, thanks, i get how flares work, I'm referring to the vertical deployment of them in this specific action we're seeing.

  19. Displacement of your helicopter from the flares as quickly as possible in the hope the missile isn’t still tracking you. source: current military pilot

  20. Do you have different alert tones for IR lock vs radar lock? I would assume your get out of danger techniques differ from a manpad launch vs a sam site attack?

  21. We have different symbology and tactics to avoid IR vs RF but that’s about as far as I can explain it.

  22. How does it suck exactly? It seems to be running these titles above 90 fps and well into 120 territory.

  23. Yooo I’m in the navy as well and I’m currently going on my shore rotation but I was curious to know how well the offline mode works for an extended period on the ship?! I remember reading that you would need to reconnect to internet every so often to continue playing but I haven’t heard of anyone going longer than 2 weeks in offline mode. Have you had to reconnect at all or no?

  24. The longest stint Ive used this offline has only been three weeks. I cant give you a good answer. But, google says offline mode should work indefinitely unless the game requires a DRM check. But, do be careful with having workshop items on games. I was unable to play Civ V and Terraria because of workshop that were part of the games files but not installed. I couldn't launch either game until I came home, launched it online, then went back offline no issues.

  25. Any reason to use the controller wired. Hmm let me guess , Bluetooth stability sucks ? 😀

  26. my controller is the thing that sucks. My Gf uses her PS4 contollers no issues.

  27. It’ll play quite well with ctf. Including bots too.

  28. The PrintScreen button should do it instantly, but there's also a button combo Windows + Shift + S and drag, and then pasting the image somewhere with Ctrl + V

  29. Oh I meant screenshots without any HUD. But I appreciate it lol.

  30. My father flew on those planes as an ordnanceman, those sonobuoys are no joke for subs. That plane has one main job and did it extremely well. You can always pick them out by the piece that sticks out the back. It is called the MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detector). Since subs are a big hunk of metal, that thing can detect a sub under the water, even if running completely silent. Thanks for the memory jog, I had always wondered how these worked as opposed to being just a mic on a cable.

  31. We don’t use MAD at the moment anymore. But they are developing a new version that might go into use eventually.

  32. Steam has an option to see if your computer is ready for VR. If you look up the index on the store page it will be an option but I agree with the other commenter. VR is intensive and unfortunately you need a beefy PC. I’d suggest a quest 2 if you want to play. I own both and honestly I prefer the quest 2 in certain circumstances. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  33. I told her that too, given where I live, desert land, it possible to ride year around. Except summers when it’s too hot to sit in traffic, I personally feel more riders would deal with the heat if we could split and didn’t have to sit in it.

  34. It’s legal to split in AZ now I thought.

  35. So if this really is LTE then they would need to establish forward airspeed and get the aircraft to "weathervane" into the relative wind and stop the uncontrolled yaw. You can see in the video that they pitch forward aggressively multiple times, but they're never successful in establishing a forward vector. The approach that they selected is relatively steep, and at high elevations/hot weather (high-density altitude) this is more likely to occur. Shallower approach angles with more forward airspeed would be a better option here IMHO.

  36. It’s a right yaw which would seem like loss of drive, but the way they flew it I’m almost wondering if the “pilots” just got too slow, didn’t understand how to maintain a stable hover and had a hard right pedal input either recognized or unrecognized. Lack of experience and operator error are my hunch on this one. Army Blackhawks getting LTE without much of a load out seems very unlikely even if it is Afghanistan in the summer. I fly the heavier Seahawk version and LTE is something we rarely experience.

  37. I was driving through San Ysidro pass at the border between Tijuana and San Diego. It's a winding trail through mountain. What I didn't know is that I guess it's used for helicopter training or something. There were these large pads on the ground ever mile or so on the trail. Well to my fuckin surprise as I'm driving this helicopter comes over a peak and lands 100 ft in front of me on this pad. Does a touch down for a few seconds and leaves. Scared the shit out of me since there was a m134 mounted to the door pointed at me.

  38. Yep we routinely fly the border. Mostly to stay clear of civilian traffic and because we can have more fun in the middle of nowhere. Hello from the sky!

  39. I went to your page looking for sick posts from a helicopter. Why did my stupid ass get excited when I read your halo post (vid still shot is blurred) thinking you were describing some training mission? Hahah

  40. Lol nope I keep that stuff mostly private. Insta has a few things but the navy is weird about promoting it.

  41. It wasn’t watchdog Luna in San Diego was it? That guy drives around OB a lot and the dog just just chills out the window giving paw to anyone who approaches.

  42. Fun fact: Navajo Nation is the size of West Virginia and they have a total of 3 grocery stores, all those fucking people eat is flaming hot Cheetos

  43. I grew up in a small town in AZ next to the Navajo Reservation.

  44. I lost my toenail to something similar before (it regrew), they bent it open fully, flushed it with stuff, flapped half the toenail back into place and tied it up nice. I'm glad I had it done properly and didn't get it infected or anything.

  45. I just had both my large toenails permanently removed 2 months ago. The process was wild to watch. Something I wouldn’t recommend if you’re squeamish. After a month of healing they look normal minus the nail part. In some ways better imo.

  46. Dude, you can't just say that and not explain why you're having your toenails permanently removed...

  47. Hahaha okay so I did a mission in Afghanistan that had me standing in sewage all day. A couple weeks later my toenails had some discoloration which began to slowly get worse as the nails thickened. About 3 years later they both fell out within a week of each other. I thought it was over but nope, they grew back and this time thicker and darker. After another year I asked the doctor and they suggested removal. They tore them out on the spot and gave me some ointment. Okay, this time it’s over right? Nope. They grew back, THICKER and now black. I’m talking quarter inch or more thick ass nail bed. Ingrown, slightly bleeding. I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to the doctors and they referred me to a very enthusiastic podiatrist who could permanently remove them for me. Permanent removal involves using an acid called phenal that literally melts your nail matrix so that when it heals you no longer goes a toenail. The healing process was worse than the removal actually. But after 10 years of bad nails, and 1 months of healing I’m so happy I finally had a permanent solution. I have photos if you’re morbidly curious…

  48. Laguna Beach, CA area. These are common dolphin. Southern California has an insane amount of dolphins.

  49. Can confirm. My job has me routinely flying out off the coast and seeing large pods of dolphins is very common. They are awesome to watch.

  50. This is true. You are not allowed to speak at parade rest. You must come to attention to speak if addressed.

  51. I mean technically, but that’s some old army stuff. I’ve only stood at attention to speak in basic, and passing morning report. I’ve never once been corrected for standing at ease automatically to speak to a platoon leader or CO.

  52. I just googled it. It’s still in army regulations. Google it yourself. You’re not supposed to speak at parade rest. You are supposed to come to attention before you speak. The fact that your command didn’t enforce it does not mean it’s not a rule. All I did was google army regs and it showed up from the army website. Still in force.

  53. Then join and feel morally superior about reciting regulations I guess? Who cares.

  54. Yeah it's fun hitting that turbulent pocket on a motorcycle at highway speeds too lol

  55. I noticed it more on my 400, but when I switched to a larger bike that turbulence isn’t as noticeable anymore. What really still gets me is passing over a bridge in high winds. It’s like the wind reverses direction instantly.

  56. I set one up for my friends a while back. I can try and help out when I get home from work later today. There was a different video I watched that’s my go to I can try and find it.

  57. Unfortunately the military is the guinea pigs for the US, experimental drugs, equipment, all kinds of things, it's pretty sad.

  58. To a certain degree I agree with you, but test pilots aren’t Guinea pigs who are treated like cannon fodder. They are the most highly skilled aviators in the world. The government didn’t use Guinea pigs to test this new and dangerous technology. They had test pilots who willingly did this job. This isn’t the 1950s where they tested nukes on soldiers to see what happened.

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