1. Probably because they're finally fully staffed.

  2. I work for BPS and every March we get an influx of kids from charters…Right before the State tests….It always seems suspect to me even though my charter school friend swears I’m imagining things. They also don’t always provide all of the special education support that public schools do.

  3. What about this is suspect? I honestly don't understand what you're implying is unusual or wrong. What are you imagining?

  4. He does, we live near his house that's on Delaware, just north of Delavan, across from Forest Lawn. We frequently see his car service/guard parked in front of the house.

  5. Allen Burger Venture used to have some of the best fries...just like they used to have some of the best burgers. I'm still saddened by their cost cutting (out of necessity, I'm sure) measures implemented early pandemic. Was a top 5 WNY restaurant for us before then, now not even top 40.

  6. This is already known to be an inconclusive "trust me bro" post.

  7. Once the criminal takes off in the car, the "do not chase" rule goes into effect, right? So they'd basically be setting up a Kia buffet.

  8. It's crazy that a Pagani is worth more than all those other cars in that picture combined.

  9. The GRC is set up to to ride harsh all day. I don’t care who you are. Nobody wants that. To say that adaptive dampening and various drive modes and configurability isn’t desirable is funny.

  10. Should we ask the mods to sticky a single post listing all the models, colors, and license plates (if provided) of stolen vehicles?

  11. They played a show this past summer at the newer free concert series that occurs at Fountain Plaza. They sounded EXACTLY like I remembered them from the last time I saw them...which was probably almost 20 years ago, at Edgefest. It was an awesome trip down memory lane.

  12. I don't know about "perfect" or "perfected," but if we're willing to argue just over subjective styling opinions, the Toyota MR2 2nd gen was a great improvement over the 1st gen, some would say the gen 2 turbo was the perfect(ed) MR2...but then the 3ed gen was a disgrace to both its predecessors.

  13. Hard to justify buying a new phone when your current one works just fine, and the rest of your life has gotten so expensive that unnecessary luxury item upgrades fueled by desire, not need, don't seem nearly as important as they once did.

  14. I've seen several posts on here about dealers not removing the transport blocks in the suspension before sending the new owners home with their vehicle. This would be the first thing I recommend you look for.

  15. Hutch's and Chop House always serve up killer steaks.

  16. Not necessarily Rochester, but not far...in Lewiston, NY I know of Firepower Industries. They do Cerakote.

  17. I don't pretend to know the answers so I can't provide any explanation. But I certainly am not going to just leap to the wild conclusion that supports any pre-existing bias or desires I may have, without any evidence to actually support that wild conclusion.

  18. That could be true. But do we want to play with a man’s freedom in the meantime?

  19. They just installed Greenlight in our area but I'm hesitant. A friend recently switched to them and is experiencing frequent outages already. Working from home, outages are not an option.

  20. This is the first negative experience in Buffalo About Greenlight that I’ve heard so far, most have been confined to Rochester

  21. I should have classified, I apologize. He lives in West Seneca, I'm in Buffalo.

  22. I am on the flip of that, I wanted Munich so bad (during Oktoberfest would've been legendary), Mx would've been cool, they've already don't London so that was bottom of my list.

  23. We were also hoping for Munich, simply because we've already vacationed in London once and prefer not to go the same place twice when traveling that far...would rather have gone to a new country.

  24. Anybody who pays attention to the league should have known already that this coming season was the Bills turn to play a home game abroad. This isn't some shocking announcement...really the only thing that's news here is the exact location detail.

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