1. And that's not all get your very own possible fire hazard on Sale for $19,99

  2. I was technically alive, but have no memory of it. Not too different from the adults at the time who were absolutely hammered and wouldn't remember much anyway.

  3. I've had good luck just using my guitar picks. Buy them in bulk, and if one breaks, hey you've got 11 more in a pack.

  4. I enjoyed call center support when I could help people but so many times it was just “sorry, it’s gone”. This is back in floppy disk days. The amount of people that would attach a floppy to the side of their PC with a magnet was astounding, once or twice a week a call like this happened. People with careers, master degrees, and CPA certification. PICNIC and IDtenT errors all the time.

  5. Yeah. I originally got a trade certificate in IT service. I went to a trade school for two years instead of a regular high school, and was an apprentice for a sysadmin for two years. I wanted to work as a sysadmin, but alas those jobs don't exist in this part of the world, and when they do show up they require at least a bachelor's degree for your application to have a chance in hell of not ending up in the trash. I tried to pursue a career I would enjoy, and ended up being limited to call center jobs which I dreaded every minute of. So now I've changed my strategy to get a high level of education, hoping to make it easier to find work and work primarily for the money. I'm just tired of spending moth after month applying for literally hundreds of jobs with no luck because I lack a university degree. I might end up just going for a master's degree right away. At least that way I'll avoid getting a bachelor, spending a year trying to find a relevant job, only to go back to school again a year older because my degree wasn't good enough. Go big or go home I guess.

  6. It’s not just the degree it’s who you know.

  7. Yeah, but a trade certificate has gotten me nowhere, so I need a degree. I don't want one, but I need one.

  8. Cold showers are just a cope for the high electricity prices.

  9. Cable management, it just looks much nicer than 5 seperate cables(yes my end users have complained about that). A few situations I did use seperate cables due to space restrictions.

  10. The only times I enjoy working for the federal govt is these floating holidays i stg

  11. Just wait for the Great Day of Forgotten Passwords that always comes after every holiday.

  12. I chopped my cable off and changed myself to wireless.

  13. It's just too long in the tooth to make up for all that technical debt. Time to kill it now. Attach the name to a new product.

  14. I worked in a call center in Ireland for a year. For my entire stay the country was under insane levels of lockdown. The best thing about working from home was being able to have a pint or two during lunch. And towards the end, I'd have two cans of beer for lunch, and then a few after my shift.

  15. Back when I worked in a call center, we were required to fill in the start of the issue for P2 tickets. I had a lot of users who would just refuse to even try to answer when the issue started. So I'd have to enter in the ticket that the user refused to give a time stamp for the issue start time, and then call the user back right after to make them give us an estimated start time for whatever the issue was.

  16. Bully is awesome. Though the 60FPS mod does introduce issues. Because it's one of those games where the engine only runs properly at 30FPS.

  17. On Google, the top results are always trying to sell you some software that too-conveniently claims to solve every issue.

  18. The modern snake oil. Only digital. Now I imagine Nigel West Dickens trying to sell CCleaner.

  19. Correction: funny how some "educated people" don't know how to freaking read.

  20. Reading is a skill after all. Also goes to show that any idiot can get any college degree if they just smoke enough dope and suck enough dick.

  21. Burn the dangol' thing! With propane! And accessories!

  22. This bothers me. It should be "double-vee" yet for whatever dumbass reason it's "double-U". And in American English it's impossible to audibly distinguish the difference between Z and C.

  23. It's the one British English thing I do. Otherwise I speak with a 'Merican accent cause of media consumption. American is just everywhere. When I lived in Ireland, everyone thought I was Canadian.

  24. It has to be. Stupidity never seizes to surprise me, but no way all three AND the camera(wo)man thought hydrodipping sensitive electronics is fine.

  25. Hell MacBooks can barely handle harsh words as it is. Let alone anything physical.

  26. My oldest daughter accidentally dropped a small screw that found its way through the vent of a MacBook Air and somehow that screwed up the display permanently.

  27. Man, I've eaten loaves of bread more intelligent than that.

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