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  1. U can not read? Where your french nylons and heels? Im not interested in this

  2. Or you can buy a supercar for this price and get twice the reliability, actual girls chasing you and a much much very much better car at handling, roll racing and drag racing

  3. Just wondering? What was the verdict of all this? Did tou get good behaviour or challenge it? It serve the 3 months?

  4. Delete some more comments idiot, maybe dont act like youre always right and realise your wrongs kid

  5. Could just need a bleed, since it can come back all the way, try pumping it, if not then id begin with a bleed, then if still persistent start looking at new a slave and master

  6. Really its best to do some tests, compression, leak down, just the basics, with all this inflation it wouldn’t hurt to be certain

  7. What oil are you using? My getrag skyline box runs on redlines lightweight shockproof oil and chatters when input shaft is connected to motor, once clutched in the input shaft no longer spins and noise goes away,

  8. Currently running G-force 75W-90 and ATF as recommend by Gforce transmission. That sounds like that could be whats going on with mine as well. Getrag is bmw right?

  9. Could be the g force mix, which is why they told you to mix it to help reduce noise or help with flow, if youre planning on running big power numbers than thats normal(if thats the case) im not too sure about gforce products and how theyre oiling technology works, but if its got a thick consistency than that may be what youre hearing

  10. I used angled picks once, it was hard but i was able to get it in once i found a trick

  11. Im assuming this is a late 90s sort video, this stuff is alot more minimal these days since more rich people help move drugs around so they dont need a military anymore

  12. These trucks are basically brand new, new body-style Ford F150/250s. It’s recent.

  13. Wow this is wack, but just as others said, it may me a module issue, chrck the onboard instruments module, maybe its got water damage or even chafed up and shorting out wires from it bring relocated in a new location

  14. Raise it and get the harness moved under the passenger wheel

  15. By raising it you effectively dismiss the need to relocate the harness. So….

  16. Yikes people really take any comment as negative, man clearly asked for advice

  17. Remember when they thought they fixed the section near liverpool on the m5, horrible slated road with cm of height variation and gaps,

  18. Ahhh yes, the awd “drift” or technically speaking, “power slide” love seeing it happen

  19. Not sure if its right but could be cause the pressure is going to the path of least resistance, once you put the drum back on it will push the otherside once the right side is pressed up against the drum, cause it does look like there is alot of movement to it, normally its just small increments, but not 100% as ive only work on drum brakes from old school gtrs

  20. Very nice, i like the way the graffiti reflects on the long shiny door cards, adds a good touch 👍

  21. How did he downgrade his rear brakes? Single piston rears stock? Huh?

  22. Nope, whoever owned it thinks its a wrx, he or she would’ve driven it like a wrx, i can guarantee you the internals are heavily worn, all suspension geometry is damaged and driveline is heavily worn also,

  23. Yep, some people take it to crazy extremes where they cant even get their car out the driveway, making it look like some sort of space ship

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