1. Is that good to you? Comparing ballet flats with pancakes due to being flat?

  2. Foot Smelling. Stinky feet is a turn on for me due to how erotic the stench and sweat of female feet are after removing her shoes and socks.

  3. Agreed. Nothing is more relaxing and therapeutic than smelling a cute pair of female, sweaty female toes

  4. Love this story of your wife's feet and wish that I can get my own fiancee being an single black male myself.

  5. Based on what he's said in the past (he's tried unsuccessfully to stop before), it seems like it's just becoming too much for him. Staying up all night Saturday nights, editing and uploading as the block is airing, getting videos out either the same night or the next morning. I can imagine it took a toll on him. Not to mention he probably has a day job he needs to keep up with, too.

  6. Ok. I wouldn't last long all night every week too. What about you? Would you keep going with the Toonami news despite what you know about him?

  7. You will find something that she loves from you. I would like smell those feet after she takes them off from shoes.

  8. Looks the same to me, does this only affect the "new Reddit" interface or something?

  9. I don't know but for some reason, I can't search anything on this subreddit like it always get the whole can't find an simple foot related topic like foot smell or soles.

  10. I do like it. I didn't know that it got a new banner until now.

  11. All of them if I'm being honest. The biggest issue with some is the rougher surface that could scrape against someone's ankle, but in the cases of things like uggs and other boots, that doesn't really apply.

  12. A lot of shoes that stop around the ankle just rub against your skin over time, and again, the best way to prevent it is socks. That being said, sandals, clogs, and slippers don't pose that same problem.

  13. Yay! Tickling feet is so much fun to hear ladies laugh.

  14. The imprints are my favorite on the flip flops and sandals.

  15. Oh yeah i totally feel that. I'm a huge fan of ballet flats and heavily worn flipflops. Flats get me off so hard.

  16. Same here. Flats are my favorite shoes for obvious reasons like stinky and sweaty feet.

  17. I’m making a snarky comment asserting my preference

  18. Ok. Sorry I asked about this. Flip flops are nice, I prefer sandals due to being stylish and holds onto barefeet.

  19. I would be distracted by those sandaled feet on hers.

  20. You must have a wonderful time with her. Be there for her.

  21. The bottom of the soles where you can tickle them.

  22. Makes me think twice about my fetish when I think i’m inhaling bacteria waste lol

  23. I can't believe we're smelling bacterial waste or poop from female feet.

  24. 😂 Quite funny. Brevibacterium linens is the reason why feet stink once they feast on the sweat and release their waste on the feet and shoes.

  25. That's great for your hunger for smelly feet.

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