1. I focused on my strengths and wrote them in a way that made me stand out. I actually started working on my AIF when I was in grade 11 (u don't need to do this obv) but it gave me A LOT of time to improve to submit the best version of my AIF. I think I had about 20 people edit my AIF before I submitted it in January. Let me know if you want to look at some of my AIF answers.

  2. I suggest you ask your guidance counsellor to switch out of their class. but if you can’t just honestly try your best, grade 11 marks doesn’t affect you in anyway when applying for university next year

  3. All other chemistry classes are full. Will having a bad grade 11 chemistry teacher leave me at a disadvantage for grade 12 chemistry?

  4. I guess it's about light and seeing things with our vision/devices.

  5. Something to keep in mind is that our eyes cannot collect ALL the light that travels from interstellar distances as it is a significantly small portion of everything our eyes take in. Nevertheless, telescopes have the ability to collect more light as doubling their aperture increases its power to gather light four-fold.

  6. I never understood how light works. If someone could try and explain I'd love that

  7. Light is made up of photons; energy that travels in the form of electromagnetic radiation (radiation that consists of both electric and magnetic fields). Nevertheless, photons are typically emitted by ‘hot’ objects and are massless. Visible light is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can see (light with a wavelength of ~380-700 nanometers).

  8. I agree. The lack of awareness surrounding the mere existence of deep fakes will only amplify its effects—I didn’t even know about them until a few weeks ago

  9. No… I just feel gr10 and 11 math are very straightforward and I understood it everyday during class so I don’t need as much practice. Our gr12 is mysteriously so many times more difficult…

  10. We do, quite a few actually

  11. Okay gotcha was just wondering if it the standardized test results were because of potentially that

  12. His cyborg persona and mechanical limb extensions, they add a new level of depth to his character

  13. Asking current students their stats for admission may not be the best idea since the admission averages have skyrocketed over the last couple years. Not taking any CS or CE high school courses will not affect admission, but they will be helpful once you actually get in since the content is relevant to many ECE courses.

  14. Would not taking CE/CS courses in HS severely hurt one’s chances of staying in CE/EE programs in uni? Is it worth it to take them if it means losing a few percentages off of grades in other HS courses?

  15. No, not taking CE/CS courses in high school isn't a big deal, you won't fail just because you didn't take them, they are just helpful if you do. If you truly believe taking these courses will hurt your average, then don't take them. More so than taking CE or CS courses, you should be comfortable programming, if you are not its still not the end of the world you will just have to play catch up in first year. Nothing you do or not do in high school will determine your "chances" of staying in CE/EE, that will be determined by your work ethic in university. Just a side note, you will see a substantial increase in your workload coming into ECE, so if you can't balance high school courses, it may not be the program for you.

  16. I see, thank you for your detailed response. Would this apply to AP/IB? In other words, would not taking AP/IB classes leave one at a disadvantage as well? My school doesn’t offer either so I am rather worried

  17. Aspiring CE/EE student. I’m going into grade 11 and I’m in french immersion, part of school orchestra, and have notably won some hackathons. I’m not taking any CS or CE high school courses though (is this bad?) and I’m not naturally the best at competitions. What are my chances of acceptance?

  18. If it means it impacts and takes away from your other courses (i.e time, energy, etc.), don’t do it. But if you believe it will be important for your post-secondary path then take it

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