One of the sharpest moon image i ever captured though a 8 inch telescope.

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  1. I believe Nitro goes quicker through the lessons, but I haven't looked at Mocha in a while. I actually didn't think Mocha was an AP course.

  2. Is it worth spending the time to prepare for the Waterloo contests (math, chemistry, etc.)?

  3. So if you do bad at math contests, you’ll be a bad mathematician? Not all mathematicians are fast nor proficient in using tricks to solve cookie-cutter problems

  4. You can be exceptional at academic math yet still do poorly in timed math contests

  5. Vertex form of a quadratic equation is defined by f(x) = a(x-b)2 + c, where (b, c) is the vertex. For a parabola to have a maximum point and open downwards, the a value would have to be negative. Note that this particular parabola’s vertex point is in the first quadrant, so the x and y values of the vertex are positive.

  6. As a rain drop hits the surface in between a crack, it propagates to fill the volume of the crack as a liquid. It runs in both directions due to the outward wave it creates.

  7. I suggest you ask your guidance counsellor to switch out of their class. but if you can’t just honestly try your best, grade 11 marks doesn’t affect you in anyway when applying for university next year

  8. All other chemistry classes are full. Will having a bad grade 11 chemistry teacher leave me at a disadvantage for grade 12 chemistry?

  9. I guess it's about light and seeing things with our vision/devices.

  10. Something to keep in mind is that our eyes cannot collect ALL the light that travels from interstellar distances as it is a significantly small portion of everything our eyes take in. Nevertheless, telescopes have the ability to collect more light as doubling their aperture increases its power to gather light four-fold.

  11. I never understood how light works. If someone could try and explain I'd love that

  12. Light is made up of photons; energy that travels in the form of electromagnetic radiation (radiation that consists of both electric and magnetic fields). Nevertheless, photons are typically emitted by ‘hot’ objects and are massless. Visible light is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can see (light with a wavelength of ~380-700 nanometers).

  13. While the versatility of logistic maps and bifurcation cannot be underestimated, a common use for them would include population dynamics and predicting the growth of a desired group!

  14. Definitely weather. Of all things, who would have guessed that weather & meteorological patterns would be some of the most complex chaotic systems that we know of so far? Fascinating!

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