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  1. We over performed against Belgium and gave us all false hope. Our attack is threatening, but we’re horrible without the ball

  2. Im tired of hearing we over performed. we didn’t. we lost. Belgium is in a bad place and we couldn’t take any points from it. How did we expect to beat the other two teams tbh? Morocco is gonna eff us, you can already tell

  3. Lol. That’s what football is….you can dominate for 90 minutes and one lapse of focus and you’re punished. Look at Germany-Japan. Being the better team doesn’t mean you win. Their over the top ball caught us out when we least expected it. We did over perform

  4. I associate performance with results and goals. Nothing else matters. The better teams win games. Period. We haven’t won shit.

  5. I’m probably biased but think Osorio would’ve been great to fill this role and start if it wasn’t for his injury

  6. I wouldn’t feel too bad, it’s probably a cheese-string of incidents.

  7. This article is annoying because it fuels drama, but it does bring up the fact that we played some crucial qualifier games without Davies and looked a like a solid unit. I just hope Davies is a bit humbled by defeat and trusts his team more. The couple of times we are losing and Davies is on, I’ve seen him go into hero mode and it doesn’t solve anything. He is our superstar, yes. But we have lots of talent and he doesn’t have to do everything himself. I hope Herdman sorts him out and can get him to play a role that compliments us best.

  8. So was I we had three way better penalty takers on the field in Vitoria, Hoilett and David

  9. I’d even put Eustaquio, Hutchinson and Buchanan ahead in the pecking order too

  10. You missed the Everton game where the guy zip-tied himself to the goalpost haha, now that was stoppage time afterwards

  11. Yeah we really just need to cheer for Belgium to win out

  12. Yeah, at this point we need Belgium to beat Morocco and Croatia. But I’m a bit worried since they don’t look too hot

  13. Why do people keep saying "we need Belgium to win out." Belgium won't win out, if they win the next one, they rest against Croatia.

  14. Well we already gave the 3 points away to Belgium and mathematically speaking if Belgium wins out then they take all the points away from our rivals too. In case we only get 4 points we want our rivals to have the least points possible so that we can go through. But of course number 1 priority is winning our two remaining games.

  15. Wait, was the guy from the restaurant the same guy who offered Earn a bite from his sandwich on the bus in season 1?

  16. Im also surprised there’s no Aspas or Moreno

  17. My family still lives in Calgary while I live in Toronto. I visit like 3 times a year because I love the Rockies and spending time with them. While I do love Toronto I do live closer to downtown… I’d rather live in Calgary any day than Vaughan!

  18. So we got to see Earn and Darius kissing but not Van and Earn? Haha

  19. Bruh they have Alaba, no way they break the bank for Davies as well

  20. Alaba is playing centre-back for Madrid. Competition would be Mendy.

  21. I’m a Madrid fan but he should stay at Bayern. Madrid will likely waste him

  22. I gotta say Lewandowski is a perfect replacement for Messi. Hes keeping the ghosting heritage in safe hands

  23. To be fair the little backheel flick he did was fire. But Lewandowski needs players to feed him. They’re relying on Dembele too much who is actual trash.

  24. No way, if we were lucky we’d have been 4-1 Barca had few chances.

  25. I’m going to break my tv due to these incompetent commentators on ESPN. SOFT PENALTY??? Fuck the fuck off you fucking fucks.

  26. Vini when he scored two against Liverpool under Zidane. Showed me his finishing was improving and was on his way to become a superstar.

  27. Am I the only one who finds Puyol’s reply funny and harmless? People get offended so easily these days…

  28. A mi me pasó algo parecido donde un buen amigo dejó de hablar conmigo por una vieja pero sin la apuñalada. Muy gonorrea eso. Que se den una trompada casual está bien pero casi lo matan parce. Eso no lo haría un amigo, ni alguien con valores. Estamos jodidos con personas así.

  29. Sad to see how bad he's right now, he never managed to make a place for himself at Brighton.

  30. Couldn’t even break in at Brighton… Why is this kid starting over the likes of Uribe or Lerma?

  31. But he barely nudged him. It was a good telenovela dive.

  32. Nah you gotta believe. Teams that win the previous WC (Croatia played the final) always struggle to make it out of the group stage. Croatia has an aging team, nothing like what we saw last WC, Mandzukic and Rajitic are not the at the same level. Modric is also older. We can use our speed and take them.

  33. Croatia isn't an aging squad. They changed a lot of players from the ladt WC and now they have better defense and I would say even midfield. They're weaker in attack tho. But nevertheless, Croatia's worst squad combination is still miles clear of Canada best. Madzukic and Rakitic retired from international football in 2018.,so you obviously know nothing about Croatia.

  34. Yeah, I haven’t watched this Croatian side. I was basing my comment based on last WC and from watching Modric at Madrid where he is brilliant but doesn’t play 90mins. Didn’t know these other Croatian legends had retired. Thanks for the humbling education, you devil.

  35. They kinda like look Dunk Low Nike SB’s to me.

  36. Yeah, guy was scoring hat-tricks on his first year in Champions League

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