1. Omfg it wasn't even that long ago that it meant cigarette in the US too

  2. Fun fact: the reason it's a slur now is because they used to roll gay people up in carpets and light them on fire (making them look like cigarettes). The More You Know!

  3. I don't see what either of these have to do with ADHD.

  4. Outed as transmasc during a tribal. The guy who outed him then got voted out that same tribal.

  5. I may dislike Valentine's Day, but I hate fuckers like these at least 6.022x1023 times as much.

  6. I have at least six different settings for the voice in my head lol

  7. Gilbert Gottfried. Cyberchase was my childhood and I can't imagine anyone else voicing Digit.

  8. OG Monster is hella strong; I'd recommend having some E and maybe a snack to cut back the intensity

  9. I've heard things in the interrim about Probst really liking 44. Only time will tell.

  10. Ey, call this shit mid one more time and I'll repeatedly kick your spleen

  11. Haircut is baller. Answer to the third pic is "yes and no"

  12. Not worth it tbh, I hear cases like this every other week and I'm sure the rest of them go nowhere

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