1. Takina looks like Chisato saw a cool bike on the street and roped into posing next to it for the 'gram

  2. I tried to do this in HQ with the teuvat interactive map. Cobbled together Mondstadt and part of Liyue. Gave up after like 2 hours because it would never be perfect 🤣😭

  3. Rewatched some clips of JLCOTE and, uh, whoa

  4. Takina: "Whoa, this is a nice trajectory."

  5. The studio did make an unrelated movie called "

  6. "More"? You've already done trans stuff?

  7. Keqing knows that SOMEONE is responsible for this

  8. What Odalia is like, probably, part 2: "Hot dog you say? Commoners have resorted to eating dog now, how dreadful."

  9. True, they should be looking at each other

  10. Classic yuri vs yuribait/harem signs to look out for

  11. Off screen catra is running at full speed to give adora’s cake a little slap

  12. Of course those people will ALSO be lost, so slaughter them and preserve their flesh and blood to ensure you have ample reserves to make your way out

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