1. Absolutely loved the insight we got from this, would love for him to continue making these

  2. What i took from it is most of the brands will remain the same but some will change if any team wants to change it, if they do they could pick from the scc or they could come up with a new one.

  3. I really want to see a PBM + Cyclone duo if Cyclone returns as an ADC, but I have a feeling he's either gonna try to be a solo laner or just retire.

  4. He said he's not playing with anyone he's ever played before, so no cyclone (ALG), unless he made a mistake

  5. I'm not gonna lie I forgot PBM was on that ALG team with Cyclone

  6. These being from the major celebration right before they introduced Carnival LRs makes me so so sad, if they just waited a little longer they could've been so amazing and now they're not worth shit.

  7. Would toronto say yes to Martin+Jovic+2 firsts for OG? Only issue is that this doesn't cut salary and we'd need to get creative to dump duncan somewhere

  8. No way they do that, at least I wouldn't if I was them.

  9. It would make no sense cause there's no correlation but give me Saiyan Saga Goku vs Vegeta and Battle of Gods Goku vs Beerus. Neither gets enough respect and are both peak

  10. We already have 90% of relevant characters in Dragon Ball history so why does it matter? The only one of them with a Dokkan Fest is Beerus they're extremely important moments in Dragon Ball that deserve one

  11. Edward Elric has been my most wanted skin since we got the anime collabs, it would be so sick

  12. 1000 SQ down and got Muramasa NP2, is that enough to loop or should I dump the rest of my 400 down the drain for more?

  13. Honestly I think it looks pretty sick, I like it a lot better than the old Philly one

  14. That was a fantastic interview and really made me like Prince a lot, I'll be rooting for him whenever he's not playing against 100T

  15. For people not familiar who would you say is better him or Max?

  16. These have been really appreciated, been glad to see these each time.

  17. In the most respectful way possible, how the fuck are non zoomers supposed to watch LCS live?

  18. Shit how will Zoomers watch? Everyone but the east coast will be in school when it starts

  19. I think it'll be a really competitive good year in LCS. We'll probably start slow and be outside the top 4 but I think by end of Spring we'll be in it and by end of summer we'll be a real contender to win the title.

  20. Damn just after I dropped a bag on the Black Friday sale. Still excited though, even if I'll probably only be able to grab one thing from it.

  21. I assume you didn't intend on doing the double negative here.

  22. Absolutely, its not just a label they come with better leader skills and normally are just flat out better units as a whole. Not to mention its way easier to justify spending your stones on a dfe banner than a god awful gold coin one.

  23. Seems weird that we dropped Will for Yukino but I'll trust the team on this. Yukino isn't bad at all I just thought really highly of Will.

  24. I'm biased as fuck but its 100% this for me too. Seeing a rematch of 100T vs Gambit in grands would've been great too.

  25. I guess its decided who all of our 2nd favorite team will be next season, already likable and they adder Ssumday and FBI.

  26. Knowing its coming didn't make it any less sad not gonna lie.

  27. When guys dominate domestically then underperform internationally they end up heavily underrated. People act like the guys they beat to get there would have done better.

  28. People also forget that performance is variable, one bad international event doesn't suddenly mean he's terrible. Players can and will have natural highs and lows in their careers it happens.

  29. Hey guys, I wanted to chime in here to provide some insight as to why we didn't opt into the NACL spot for the upcoming Spring Split.

  30. Thank you for the update, it's really appreciated. Good luck on moving forward I'm wishing for the best.

  31. I imagine riot doesn't want a static 16-team setup. Picking only the best 6 teams could result in a full year of never seeing new teams in the NACL. Picking at random every spring at least gives storylines and lets us see other teams we'd never heard of.

  32. What? Im not saying to change the system of teams winning amateur joining. Just that randomly selecting teams that haven't existed yet over the proven best amateur teams for the first split of the league is dumb and counterintuitive. Its the first split why handicap yourself for no reason at all.

  33. God I really hope we get SSJ4 Kaioken Gogeta instead of Limit Breaker, it looks so so much better to me.

  34. While overall it's a sad offseason, seeing Ssumday go, but the players coming in are extremely exciting. Doublelift has been my favorite non 100T NA player in the league and its probably the same for lots of people. Gonna be a fun year.

  35. Dont want to sound pretentious but i just checked out merch and I feel like they are dropping the ball a bit. They have like the coolest color scheme and logo in LCS one of the coolest I have seen in esports. Yet half the merch is like beige, I had to take a doubletake to make sure it was the right 100T lol.

  36. Oh that's just for the current drop they're doing currently. The foundations line is probably more in line with what you're looking for, for now.

  37. Oh thank god, excited to hear from them soon.

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