1. I adore Blaze's face in picture 16, she so doesn't want to be here but due to Omega apparently playing god she must now pine for the hedgehog.

  2. that's just inconsistent writing. If you don't have a quirk for it, you should not have enhanced durability.

  3. not really, MHA humans have consistently had this kind of strength and durability since chapter two of the manga where Deku is moving entire mountains of trash, lugging around All Might who weights well over 600 lbs, and even pushed a truck on top of a mountain of garbage he himself created.

  4. that's not exclusive to MHA. It's called suspension of disbelief. That's basically every series. It's done like that cause having a series where people die left and right is boring (well not always, but we can't have all worlds like that).

  5. all of this is all fine and dandy but this is not how VS debates work at all, you actually have to take the feats into account, not ignore the ones you don't like just because you deem something unrealistic.

  6. this is probably much longer than you wanted but I have actually had this idea rolling around in my head for a while.

  7. the other playable character for this hypothetical fangame would be

  8. It won't be fair for other countries since Japan's heroes dominate the Top 10 around the world.

  9. no that's the national ranking in Japan, I'll keep it vague in case you are only watching the anime but there are heroes out there in other countries that put even Endeavor to shame.

  10. An actual "Sinister Six" of iconic villains would be fantastic. Forces doesn't count. Sonic Frontiers taking a more combat oriented direction makes me optimistic for something like this.

  11. the second Speedster could be Surge the Tenrec from the Comics, but you would have to come up with a good reason for her to join Eggman considering she wants to kill Eggman, her partner Kit could also fill the role of the flyer, while he can't actually fly he does fulfill the same support role as Tails, as for power Zavok is standing right there and he always seems to be down for a team up.

  12. well with the Phantom Ruby he certainly has the powerset to mimic Bill.

  13. Shadow: Hey look at me, turn around and look at me you one-eyed weakling! you're a real wise guy but you made one fatal mistake. you messed with Team Dark.

  14. the one time I can think of when a Sonic game didn't have an amazing Soundtrack was Sonic Chronicles the Dark Brotherhood, and that's because a freak accident deleted all of the sound files in the game and they had to redo everything at the last minute.

  15. having read a few stories with Super Sonic in it Broly is screwed, Super Sonic destroyed the Omni-Viewer while trapped in suspended animation, and the Omni-Viewer scales to the Female-Viewer which has destroyed entire timelines.

  16. I'm not huge into sonic lore but scourge just look like green sonic

  17. I know this is 6 months late but I may as well tell you anyway.

  18. So hey, would surge new power (sonic idw issue 52 and 53) do a difference ?

  19. maybe, if the Dynamo Cage can drain the Emeralds like Eggman's previous energy-draining machine from Sonic Unleashed she could theoretically steal the Super Sonic transformation, possibly even draining the Emeralds entirely just like in Unleashed.

  20. Preety Sure Surge Doesn't Scale to Base Sonic, Sonic Defeated Surge Fairly Easily, also DIW Sonic Doesn't Scale to Game Sonic

  21. the difference between Sonic and Surge doesn't seem to be physical in nature, when the two go head to head

  22. any reason? neither Obi-Wan or Vader has ever had to deal with a Speedster before, and she scales to Sonic

  23. Highly doubt that, scourge is probably the LAST character Sega would allow to be in something official these day.

  24. I mean you can make a new evil Sonic without him being connected to Scourge pretty easily, even taking into account how generic Scourge started out as in the old Archie Comics making an evil Sonic clone is hardly a herculean task of copyright law, especially when you have 5 unique universes to work with.

  25. Yeah, in most games, he is. But when it comes to TTYD and PiT, he genuinely had no reason to be there.

  26. I was about to argue but then I realized that my argument would come off as pretty weak, still, I might as well say my piece.

  27. I think I watched a few of his videos when I was a kid and I enjoyed them well enough even if it wasn't really my cup of tea, I'm honestly shocked he is still going.

  28. yeah, the janky controls and camera of the original 64 version have not aged well.

  29. A user made a post a few days ago about Sapphire not having legs and they were ENTIRELY serious and could not be swayed... thus began all of this.

  30. can I get a link? I have been popping in and out of this sub and I am curious.

  31. no, she's a fanatical authoritarian with ideals of colonialism and eugenics.

  32. and even if he adopts you odds are you will end up like Metal Sonic, just one of Eggman's favorite toys that he will gladly throw away if it means beating Sonic.

  33. There's a GOW2 Easter Egg where the three wise men are seen by Kratos, which would imply that Jesus does actually exist. However, it is just an easter egg so I don't know how much stock you want to put into it as a canonical fact

  34. well, the Norse Pantheon exists in the same world as the Greek Pantheon so I would imagine the same is true of other religions like Christianity.

  35. not much changes, Max has a lot more experience with his powers and has tons of tricks that Francine doesn't have which makes him way more powerful, but that doesn't really mean much when Surge can speed blitz and one-shot him nine ways to sunday.

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