1. You are not the only one. I skip them more often than not. If I need a bench or a flower or paint in the main game I check to see if there's a box that's not too much trouble to get. I wouldn't be giving up my detergent bottles though.

  2. Definitively not giving up power detergent. I never got a detergent box as a reward 😤

  3. I've only gotten a few, been playing since May, I save them up for really hard tasks. But I do give up detergents for rewards because finally I have a lvl 11 cabinet.

  4. If it was one detergent for a box of cleaning supplies maybe I’d give it up but two for a box of chairs and light bulbs, nah.

  5. I believe he was involved since the beginning. That’s why they moved there.

  6. He’s been in it since they moved. I can’t remember if this is true in the podcast but in the original story young Sam says the reason they came to Drisking is because Graham did something “very bad.” It’s revealed that he was pimping out 14 year old girls where they previously lived and it got out so they had to leave. He was recruited by Drisking’s sex trafficking ring I believe.

  7. Damn that’s even darker. They should have put it in the podcast too! His obsession and incestual relationship would have made more sense imo.

  8. I feel the same way! Ever since season 2 started I was hoping Kyle would come back so that kimber and him could have a happily ever after but at the same time it is really cheesy lmao. IMO not everyone would be happy with either ending. If they did do a sinister tie to haunt us and them I don’t think it would have felt satisfying either.

  9. The focus has shifted a bit more to Beth, Summer and Jerry but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Maybe thats easier for Justin Roiland bc he is voice acting for both Rick and Morty. Besides S6 episodes are still pure gold imo.

  10. “Goddammit, they’re right here!” “They’re right here, goddammit!” And “What was that?” “Death” “What kind?” “Instant” Gets me every goddamn time 😂

  11. Everybody wants to be knocked out. Nobody wants to be dead.

  12. I have the same problem. My only Halloween task is it turn in the mask for 50 points. But I can’t get the mask if I can’t get the green cauldron from tasks. So now what?

  13. Arcane, hands down. I’ve NEVER seen a show animate emotions so much!!

  14. Yes! Worth the watch. You don’t have to know anything about the game to understand the series.

  15. Ok but why did jerry look like he was breaking the 4th wall with Rick in S6E5?

  16. Same here 😂 no one wants to listen to it. I subscribed to the podcast bc I’m impatient and episode 4 is a real mind fuck lol

  17. I’m just listening to the podcast, really trying not to spoil anything for myself from the original source

  18. "every breath I take without your permission raises my self esteem "

  19. Hard to make a decision when we haven't actually seen Boob World. But probably Boob World.

  20. My first thought lol. But maybe boob world bc we’ve never seen it?

  21. I feel like cemetery is more for the hardcore players rather than casual ones :(

  22. ah yeah that's possible i haven't checked to see if i have the new update yet

  23. Tried it yesterday after new update and it doesn’t work :’(

  24. Mine was the same as this, I’m lvl 27 so maybe that plays a role?

  25. If you have the hourglass bug just use the box for all item you don’t have. Less energy intensive then making the item

  26. Don’t have it 🥲 does it take a long time to recharge or is it only usable once per board?

  27. Use your energy to complete the lower level, easier items to get and save use the clean up box to get the high energy items on each board

  28. Make sure you tap all your producers bc at the end it’s a time skip boost, not sure how much. Before that it gives you time skip boosts

  29. Nice! Wish I had the time to farm coins for max storage…

  30. Best episode so far! Love a Rick and Jerry adventure.

  31. Yeah I chucked all those leaves in my queue. Then spent half a day merging them.I was done with the scarab whilst the Birthday event was on in 10 days. I did have 32 peonies and harvested 6 times a day with a timer set for every 2hr 15 mins

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