1. Why not pop and eat them after?

  2. Chapter approved 2018 had rules for creating your own unique character!

  3. Ah right, same one that had the Create a Land Raider rules, right? Or the uh, Ork vehicle one?

  4. I think so. It had to be open play though. I made an OP enforcer commander with those rules that would snipe enemy characters with his super buffed weapons, and you couldn't shoot him.

  5. But what if Bob is a known criminal and violent? You can't reasonably expect a police department to preemptively put multiple officers around the building to catch anyone running out, now could you? They only need half the number of cops as a raid, don't you know? They can't allocate those resources without a show of why they need the funding!

  6. Primaris should have just been an armor update. Cawl finds a near intact STC unit with new armor and weapon designs. Rather than effectively being a better geneticist AND engineer than the Emperor who lived during through mankind's technological height.

  7. The emperor made marines after having a prototype made in essentially a cave with a box of scraps, still with scraps and more help. Cawl basically did a small tune to the marine template, add a new organ or three, and modified the MK 6 Corvus suit to be entirely modular and backwards compatible, added more armor plates (and also took some off for phobos) and took 10,000 years to do so. He is more of someone that took forever to do minor changes to what the emperor did, but nearly 1,000 times longer than he did. Except neo-volkite and repulsor field tech. That's bullshit.

  8. This is one of the more extreme examples of 'show up to class, show your face, ask questions and work hard, and your professors will cut you more slack'.

  9. Honestly, being involved in my classes has done nothing but good things for me. I actually learn the material, the professors appreciate it, and the class goes by quicker

  10. What is a month's rent on a storage unit, compared to repurchasing everything you're throwing away

  11. Dont forget red cross blood drives are not for the blood to be donated it's resold "to support thier charitable causes" 🤔

  12. Resold to the U.S. Military, nonetheless. That's why the Army started the AFBP, or Armed Forces Blood Program, to keep costs down, and directly benefits the soldiers by giving them a day off.

  13. It'd be ironically at home on the bookshelf next to the Anarchist Cookbook.

  14. And below the pedestal that holds ST 3-20.983

  15. Bradleys aren’t faster than Abrams (especially un-governed Abrams). I’d assume they were used in a scout role and just racked up kills rather than calling in abrams. A modern tactic is putting a section of abrams with a platoon of bradleys in a hunter-killer setup. The bradleys find targets and pass on the location of anything they can’t handle to the abrams. Turns out bradleys can handle a lot, so abrams only get handed dug in MBTs

  16. There is actually two configurations, hunter-killer, 6x HMMWV's and 2 or 3 Bradley's, or 6x Bradley's with an attached squad of Abrams. Both will destroy a T-72.

  17. We used to buy those at a camp a worked at! It's like a long gazebo filled with cots and ventilation in the back right?

  18. Look up "GP Medium" or "GP Large". Those are the two most commonly used.

  19. Fun fact: Two of the high-tier artifacts the Blood Ravens could “acquire” in DoW2 are a

  20. Don't forget Forgebreaker, Ferrus Manus's hammer that was last seen in possession of Perturabro!

  21. Do T'au really count in base 8? If so, why are there battlesuit distinctions such as XV95?

  22. The designations are from the imperials. And yes, they count in base 8, even in their original model counts. Fire warriors were originally in a box of 12, same with pathfinders.

  23. Ah I see, thank you! I'm fairly new to 40k lore, is literally everything designated from the perspective of Imperials?

  24. Yup. That's why all the vehicles are fish-themed in name!

  25. He and Paul Rudd would be amazing dinner guests. Just imagine having. DnD night and shenanigans that would happen on the quest

  26. Vin Diesel and Robin Williams, too.

  27. Primarchs have the right (even if only Guilliman can actually do it now, hope Lion gets resurrected soon!)

  28. Book 5 of the Arks of Omen is leaked to be named "Lion", which would explain the awkward wording of allowing PRIMARCH models to be in a boarding action, instead of just explicitly allowing Guilliman.

  29. It was before that, and the corruption was so rampant on cyrene that it was unsalvageable, and with the chapter master indisposed, he went to a local inquisitor with his findings.

  30. I think they're like the 4th oldest. Poland, France, and Morocco are the first 3, iirc.

  31. Tomorrow is gonna be tricky. If they're saying this was an inhuman beating then the footage is going to be gut wrenching. I hope people are able to stay calm and not resort to violence.

  32. The issue of police reform from the feds is that each state is responsible for enforcing their own laws. So you can't take an officer from Arizona, for example, and hire him in Massachusetts. If all laws were federal, it would be possible, but the best he could do is enact a federal minimum training program, or a "bad cop" registry, or create a 53-branch police oversight agency that is on the fed payroll, but consists of state-trained police

  33. If you're a boomer who keeps his XD in an Uncle Mike's neoprene holster in the center console of his 2003 Silverado with Walmart rims and bald KO2s, Browning buck logo and peeling thin blue line decal on the rusted rear bumper, and an oversized flag decal with illegible script on each stripe on the rear glass...

  34. This is extremely specific, yet so accurate to a large number of people it's unnerving.

  35. Remember, we're not in a recession, since they changed the definition of recession.

  36. By any definition right now we’re not. Gdp is positive the last two quarters man

  37. Based and statistics checking pilled

  38. Or gladiators. They're actually pretty good, and I've been taking them since ~240 points

  39. Sounds like DeSantis’ own bills are woke: forcing libraries to override their first amendment rights because he believes there’s some systemic injustice to… morons learning. Maybe he should be investigated? He’s trying to create the very injustice he uses as cover in court.

  40. Europeans also invented fascism, stalinism, anti-Semitism, the Inquisition, witch-hunts, mass colonialism, anti-black/asian/native racism, and started two world wars. So like. Yeah.

  41. Three, if you count the napoleonic wars.

  42. Surely thats for the old book? new ones not out yet and it refrences stuff thats not in the new one like yarrick?

  43. New one has been "out" for about 2 months by now. Cadia Stands box cane with it.

  44. Don't forget, Kaldor Draigo carved his name into Mortarion's heart!

  45. Most of the east coast was fairly well settled and definitely owned. The related tribes worked in a fairly sophisticated Confederacy model.

  46. Literally only true about the Iroquois Confederation, who still conquered and raided their neighbors. Which was primarily in upper new york and Pennsylvania. Every other group fought, raided, and conquered other tribes to establish their own hegemonic power, like the Wompanoags, the Seminoles, or the Shawnee.

  47. "Look! Rhinos! RHINOS! Our enemies hide in METAL BOXES, the cowards! THE FOOLS! We… We should take away their METAL BOXES!"

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