1. yes its the same shifter. make sure you get the boot too

  2. Wtf so shiny!! Ceramic coating?

  3. Why it js too big? Doesn't look too big.

  4. But why too big? Harsh ride? Scrubbing?

  5. Definitely go for it. 7at transmission is good. And 70k miles is also ok. Just dont flush it.

  6. That's pretty bad, if the drains were clogged you'd have overflow down the firewall too, and they'd have to be completely sealed closed from the drain all the way up and pouring into the tray to see water up there. If the roof was open a little the tray would catch it.

  7. How to fix it ? Put some silicone ?

  8. I'm going to go against the grain here. While your sunroof drains may be blocked, the weatherstripping might be super dry and cracked to hell around your sunroof and if that's the case you can get some water in like that

  9. If you are driving and automatic gearbox it will always be annoying and out of sync with front turn signals when you are stopped. Car will look with faulty electronics...

  10. Really clean! Where did you get the spoiler?

  11. Yuck...carbon interior again. So cheap looking...


  13. Each has own taste I guess. 370z maybe yes. G37 hell no. Cheaps out the look of the interior. My opinion only

  14. Wheels need to be identical to go in the Xs

  15. No they do not need to be identican. You have to be identical on the tyre size and not over 1% in diameter.

  16. Bro I’ve been getting between 7.1-7.5L/100km lately on the highway

  17. What adapter from home depot would fit? Czp or z1 feels overpriced a lot.

  18. Why did you chose to add vibrant resonators and not only beluga?

  19. You should be able to use with Iphone also

  20. Is tune worth for economic reasons?

  21. Are the CBI any good? My fog lights are already 6000k and I’d like to make them match as much as I can although it’s not a huge deal I guess.

  22. I would suggest stick with xenon osram/phillips if you want visibility.

  23. Xenons was worse than new leds??

  24. If you don’t have a touchscreen model it’s kind of a turnoff

  25. Why so? Rotating knob ks sufficient. BMW still using that.

  26. Is it common piece or oem code required?

  27. I think the screen is the limiting factor.

  28. I mean, G37 atleast has a manual transmission offered. But if that doesn’t mean anything than the Q50

  29. Q50 drops in price cuz its boring design. G37 holds and rising value, cuz jdm design and quality engine.

  30. I mean that and there really isn’t anything “collector” about the Q50, the G stood out, the G was unique. I feel modern Infiniti has fallen off the unique aspect of what made them want-able

  31. Whats the front lip and read spoiler??

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