1. I wonder how many would defect as soon as they were let off their leash?

  2. Thanks. I was looking for the copper straps but they didn't have them. Now that you told me, it will be on my mind until I change it out.

  3. I love the side sear. Being able to add a char taste without over cooking the inside. Especially doing wings.

  4. That's a BAD idea... I've seen pellet grills malfunction and burst into flames 10 feet high.

  5. Thanks. I'll work on some suggestions I've received and be careful.

  6. You know, I don't want Trump to run again because of all the divisiveness and BS that will come along with it. Not to mention rallying up the opposition, but the more the left pushes this BS, the more I look forward to watching them freak out if he did.

  7. How's that song go? Oh Canada........ something something. We're great and better than America something... Until we weren't because we went politely along with what was decided because don't want to cause a fuss.

  8. You need to play it smart when surrounded by savage behavior with hate in their heart and live with no moral boundaries.

  9. They start out as being your typical dumbass in the first place. Then their egos and greed take it from there.

  10. Ya! Children ruin all the fun. Ever ask your mom why she wasn't selfish and irresponsible? Must have been such a burden for both your mom and dad. So sad for them. But hey, look at your career. Fantastic!

  11. By not addressing inappropriate behavior, you encourage it. We should not ignore it or condone it. How does this reflect on the black community and help bring about change and improvement to their way of life? Lead through example, work hard, hold bad behavior accountable, provide opportunities to improve. I see way too much poor leadership and zero accountability. It's a fricken disaster for the black community!

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