1. Why can't they just make actually cool merch instead of this. I know NieR already has some of the best merch for Any game, but then we get stupid shit like this. How about more necklaces or rings. More supergroupies stuff especially. More CD arrangements. How about a bluray of the latest nier fan festival if they played music there. How about another art book.

  2. They have figures, miniatures, clothes, soundtrack vinyls, artbooks, plushies, posters, acrylls, a music box, mugs, pop up figures, shopping bags, light sensors.

  3. They are all great except X. I hate X soundtrack for the most part

  4. Uhh why charjabug? Out of all Pokemon a damn charjabug gets a radiant card

  5. Context for all the no Nier players. That skin is Kaine's outfit from Nier Replicant. She is a hermaphrodite. She has both male and female organs. You can see that in the original Nier but not in the 2021 remaster because they censored it. I don't play R6, but this info is for all the horny people out there. Play Nier!

  6. You really think they'll make a Kaine skin when they are looking to censor skull icons and shit in-game?

  7. As I said before. I have never played R6 and I know nothing about it

  8. Today I learned the XC3 collectors edition came with chibi hero stickers

  9. No it did not. I got these stickers with Mios diary and pre order bonus with Xc3

  10. Oh for real? That's really cool. Not sure why I assumed the stickers were a collectors edition thing.

  11. I just put them there because I wanted all the Xenoblade 3 stuff together

  12. Forgor to put this on the title but this is not my meme. Original post can be found here

  13. If you cant find it on the internet. Then its propably fake

  14. Ban Mythra? Just learn and adapt. Outfundie all those half ass wifi warriors

  15. lol why should they? she's not part of the team. she's just mad they hired someone else.

  16. She is THE voice of Bayonetta. We got upset when the voice was changed and now we know why. I wont be buying that garbage. Ill just go and replay the original two

  17. Nah. I want Bayonettas original voice back. That should not be unreasonable thing to ask

  18. Ps5 does not have great exclusives. Because there aren't any. Most of the games are also on Ps4. So unless you really want to play a remaster of old Souls game, a racing game, a bad racing game with destruction on its name, or Ratchet and Clank. Then Ps5 is worth it

  19. I mean neither ps5 or Xbox x have had many exclusives so far.

  20. So far it is sad to see Xbox having more console exclusive games than ps5. And then there is nintendo ten tier above them

  21. I do not like or care about Kingdom hearts. I just wanted to see Mickey mouse, Donald and Goofy in Smash and they could not pull that off. Dissapointment for me

  22. "Im up" that would be useful for double commit situations

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