1. Look at that subtle off-grey coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my GOD, it even has a rollmark.

  2. For those of us who are disappointed with this latest project, I keep thinking of the difference between Spielberg and Lucas, and how much this SoS effort smacks of the Star Wars Special Editions.

  3. I’m loving it. I wasn’t super into it until I got to hear the whole thing. I think they released the wrong songs to promote the album

  4. That’s kind of what they’ve always done, sadly. I don’t know if it’s them or management, but I’ve had to tell people for years that the best U2 material is the deep cuts. A lot of their singles just aren’t representative of the album as a whole.

  5. I’m really enjoying this spell of activity. There’s loads of fans as usual shitting on the project but I’d rather this ‘Songs of Surrender’ release than say a simple ‘40 song Anthology with a solitary brand new single’ that other bands would throw out at this stage in their career.

  6. Yeah, they already did that anyway with 18Singles in 2006.

  7. Conflict: Vietnam is a far, far better game than Men of Valor. MoV has great gunplay for 2004, but that’s all there is to it. CV has quite unorthodox gunplay that takes getting used to, but once you do, it’s a gem as bright as the sun. There are a ton of different strategies you can use, the inventory management between your four guys is heaps of fun, and with skill points you can make different builds and do endless play throughs with different loadouts. I have a post about it in

  8. Of course it’s in my own opinion. We all like what we like. I like Men of Valor as well. Just not as much as I liked Conflict: Vietnam. One thing I do love about Men of Valor though, is that every mission is based on a real fight in a nicely recreated real location. Like the fight to hold the east slope of Hill 861S, getting pushed off, and needing to retake it from the west side is an accurate portrayal of that battle.

  9. Not 'Hey Arnold' related, but what's that animated show all the way to the right? I remember watching it but can't remember much about it. Or it's name for that matter.

  10. That's The Weekenders. I only saw (I think) three episodes of it as a kid, never forgot the art style, but didn't really watch it.

  11. UPS driver, if you're willing to put in the work. 6 figs if you're a senior rank there.

  12. I keep hearing this from people who’ve been there for 10+ years and never gotten promoted because the supervisor’s nephew graduated college and needs a job

  13. Isn't that illegal? The drivers I worked with either earned like $65K or $120K depending on how long they worked there.

  14. What is everyone here’s least favorite, and why is it Die Another Day?

  15. Don’t date a woman who actively seeks the attention of men

  16. Yeah I don't know why there's a correlation between retro content and scumbags in their 40s. Same goes for John Hancock, Happy Console Gamer and James Rolfe.

  17. They wasted the best years of their lives doing nothing but playing video games, and are trying to manipulate the secondhand market to try and show something for it.

  18. You’re gonna be shattered when you learn that none of those matter except the last one.

  19. Koalas, because they’re cute beyond all reason, and as soft as you’d hope they are.

  20. because he ended things so i don’t want to make a super bold move in case i get rejected

  21. You’re gonna get rejected. He’s not gonna date you. He’s already made that clear. That is not going to change. You need to decline, get him out of your head, and move on to someone who will love you.

  22. My situation: I recently went to my english class and my dad told me to be assertive when talking, i have always had social problems so, as you expect, i didnt talk very well, after all I was coming to learn, not to assert dominance over a teacher. My dad, after class, then proceeds to call me a bitch and tells me to be a man. He also goes on a rant about how I talk at home, but im a bitch when i go outside, what do i do?

  23. Yeah, because verbally abusing a teacher is being a man. You’re more of a man than your father is.

  24. I guess I’m doing good by the looks of it. Just $700 would be life-changing, it’ll pay off the rest of my credit card and I can keep my income.

  25. I dig everything about this except that optic setup. I’d run the irons and be good to go.

  26. Funny enough, I'm planning to put on an old M4 Barrel and an M4 lower from PSA. I'll be using M4 stock furniture too and just having myself at 727/XM4/M4 build.

  27. I always get a double cheeseburger and the 8 piece nuggies in place of fries.

  28. Most kids these days have no idea how to shoot irons well. They also don’t know how to shoot well with a mil spec trigger. Instead of training to overcome their shortcomings, they just get mechanical work-arounds. If I were to hand them my A1, they wouldn’t be able to hit the broad side of a barn.


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