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  1. I skimmed Wikipedia’a page on Chris Kyle and couldn’t find the link to the punisher. Anyone care to explain?

  2. He and the rest of SEAL Team 3 spray painted it on the front of their body armor.

  3. Ah yes a functional part like a muzzle brake doesn't do anything at all.

  4. What kind of spaghetti noodle arm weak-ass motherfucker needs a muzzle brake for an AR-15?

  5. The kind that uses the muzzle brake as a sacrificial baffle for his suppressor.

  6. Like those ones you can’t buy or possess in California or New York?

  7. Ahh yes, I love listening to a British man read Wikipedia to me!

  8. We just posting pics of our girls' butts on here for upvotes now?

  9. Because the movie takes place in the timeline of the manga, not the anime.

  10. You’re in a disconnect from reality. I’m not gonna feed your ego in the fantasy world in which you’re a perfect pet owner. Best of luck to you.

  11. What is that, some kind of rebranded MGTOW? They were losers then and they’re losers now.

  12. No. Ace Combat is built around mission pacing, and you’d be throwing that to the wind.

  13. It’s over Anakin! I have a ton of stuff that you need to put in your car

  14. A special fuck you to those that were offended after an explanation. Fucking hate gatekeeping super soldiers.

  15. They’re called bro-vets. It’s a phenomenon new to veterans of the Global War on Terror. To veterans of previous generations, it was “I served.” To bro-vets, it’s “I am better than you because I served.” It’s primarily a social media thing that can be easily ignored, but sometimes it leaks into reality.

  16. First thank from every driver on hear for your service to our country.second that was a truly good answer.

  17. I have never served. Just want to make that clear. I was raised around lots of men who did, and their example made me who I am today.

  18. Yeah, that does get irritating to see. I trained my old lady on irons before anything else and have her shoot irons whenever we go out just to stay in practice. I have an acog but keep an iron sight (it’s zeroed) on my rifle as a backup. Proficiency with irons is underrated and a must have skill.

  19. Both my XM16E1 and my new to me but old as heck Mini-14 are just the irons. It’s more fun to shoot vintage firearms as you would have in their period. Modern optics ruins the experience as far as I’m concerned. Shooting irons also makes you a more proficient shooter all around, similar to shooting a double action trigger on a pistol or revolver. Makes you take your time. Also helps prepare you if you need to fight with a random rifle.

  20. Agreed. Once I get an A1 built up, that bitch is going to be as issued. No optics no nothing. My 727 has stayed plain Jane as is my A2 and I gotta admit that I have more fun with those than my A4 rifles and carbines.

  21. Yep! Mine is my only AR, and the only one I ever want. Most current thing on it is a SpecterGear Raider sling, because the GI sling isn’t sufficient for my local competition governing body’s rules. It at least still looks retro. Mini-14 will eventually get a folding stock, other than that all it has is an M1 carbine sling.

  22. Start with Psalm 9 by Trouble before you do anything else.

  23. Sleeping with an older woman gave you bragging rights but not in your 30s.

  24. Are we talking actual confirmed body count, or are we talking about what commanders have written in the After Action Reports? Because those tend to be somewhat exaggerated. The thing about the Vietnamese is they’re really good about collecting their dead, assuming your air or arty got any at all. I guess I just need to know how body count is being measured before I can begin to answer this question.

  25. It’s just a fact that’s worth knowing. It’s not directed toward op or malicious

  26. It’s not a fact, it’s your opinion. This is not the time and place for it. OP needs to be getting their chinchilla help, as well as comfort for themselves as they potentially go through a devastating loss. They don’t need you making them feel bad in an attempt to look like a better pet owner. All you’re doing is distracting them from getting their pet help and replacing that focus with experiencing being judged. Every pet sub is chocked full of tone-deaf people like you. Help the situation at hand or don’t say anything. Have you ever lost a pet? It’s awful. It doesn’t need to be made worse by people on a forum designed to help with questions like OP’s judging them. If they didn’t care about this chin, which they clearly do care about, they wouldn’t be asking for help. Help them, or get out so someone else can.

  27. No one was shaming the OP. They are clearly doing everything they can to help the chinchilla. But I agree that parents should assume all responsibility for any pet, but especially an exotic pet like a chin. The OPs parents should be taking responsibility for its health, not OP, then they might not be in this position. So calm down.

  28. I don’t disagree with the statement, I disagree with it being said here and in this context. It’s just the commenter saying “I told you so” when a chin needs help and its owner is scared and hurting. It’s not helpful, yet it’s been tastelessly commented in a post asking specifically for help.

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