1. This is absolutely false. There is no minimum threshold for reporting self employment income.

  2. Gotta be above poverty line which is near 13k to owe self employment taxes else no need to file

  3. It is true that if you earn below the poverty level between 12k-13k you dont have to report it as income on your taxes.

  4. You get to dash whenever you want instead of waiting on a schedule. The money you make when other cant dash makes up for the bad orders.

  5. Read a book called theory of poker or small stakes holdem to get a feel of knowing what you're doing on the card table. Once you've mastered those skills then read Harrington on holdem series books. Then modern poker theory and newer books.

  6. Most players call in small stakes so value bet them. Only bluff the thinking players that have shown they can fold. If you're going to bluff them make sure it makes sense. Let's say you had top pair medium kicker and you weren't sure you were behind until the river where you called villains bets on the flop and turn, but the flush comes in on the board, you can represent it thus turning your worse value hand into a bluff. You are usually polarizing yourself in these situations as to having a very strong hand or nothing so bet very big 3/4 pot to 1.5x pot size or all-in.

  7. With your 5.5x raise you are narrowing your range. You won't have 2s or 3s unless pocket pair. So you are saying you have an over pair, AK, AQ, on the flop or A9. You continue on an Ace turn so that takes out TT thru KK. Your range is 22, 33, 99, A9, AK, AQ, possibly AJ and AT. 22/33 are discounted somewhat. 1 pair hands are discounted also. So that really leaves you with 99, A9, AT for as big as you went on the river. If villain thinks you're capable of having air then there are much more combos of bluffs than value hands.

  8. 13 is way too young to do stuff like that. Disgusting.

  9. I'm pretty good, doesn't equate to more money though

  10. Accidently bought into a PLO tournament today, have only ever played the game once or twice so very much a rookie at it.

  11. You need to use 2 cards in your hand not just the single Ks.

  12. I've noticed a significant difference between 40% and 50% likewise 60% and 70%. AR matters

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