1. Just because it happens doesn't mean it's "normal." Normal means it is the most common compared to something else, being a guy and never kissing someone at 25 isn't common, so it's definitely not "normal"

  2. Im going through a dark time mentally and all this mumbo jumbo in these comments means nothing to me, but that last line reminded me I still have reasons to live

  3. This is why I don't speak to women at work unless they speak to me first. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable

  4. Unless they had insane mobility it would be bad. Look at genji trying to use blade

  5. That kick drum alone is technically worth more than $150. The cymbals together could sell for like $100. Good buy

  6. The problem you have is that tens of thousands of people face, who are being scammed by Amazon, you get an incorrect item and of course, in any normal place, you could say, it was a mistake, I'll return it and that's it, but In this slop of Amazon, a store dedicated to defrauding customers, when you return it and this is almost 90%, they will tell you that they do not refund you because they have received the wrong item, they will even tell you that they have destroyed it, which is not believed nobody, because why are they going to destroy something that is new, but they will say so, at the end they will release you the hassle of waiting 15 days to then tell you 1 month and then they will release the buyer-returns email stating that you have returned something incorrect, they will try that it continues to pass time for you to screw yourself and you can not dispute the charge with your bank, that's how these Amazon criminals act.

  7. Ive never had a single problem returning an item to Amazon in 10 years. I've returned dozens of items, sometimes every items worth more than $500

  8. Bro I will wave and spray and mess around sometimes in my masters games. Not everyone is so serious all the time

  9. I stumbled upon this randomly. I actually met brandon last august when I moved to Seattle and have been rock climbing partners with him since. Him and I go rock climbing together almost every weekend when the season is good. Never knew he was a popular streamer until just now lol what an interesting thing to find out.

  10. He wasn't only popular, he was one of the best doom mains to play the game

  11. These aggro players really voted for turn 8-9. Are you serious? You think the game should end before 10 mana is even available?

  12. Nope. There's absolutely no need to be on there for more than 5 minutes.

  13. Obviously, but I have a battery usage tracking app and atoz uses more battery than any other app

  14. Ive only read the books once, but I can see why people didn't like it. It's like a 1000 page book where barely anything happens, but it's probably my favorite because of one scene

  15. Yes for the raise. Your PTO still remains capped. So whatever PTO you've already earned and used will be deducted from that cap. Any PTO you have now will go with you and depending on which class/shift you may or may not pick up another ten hours of both UPT and PTO. You'll also start earning vacation time if your employee class has it

  16. “Any PTO you have now will go with you…”

  17. I had a friend have the negative PTO happen and they took money out of his paycheck

  18. Damn, unfortunate about the pto. I guess everything else about my employment "resets" like I just got hired again, except the one thing that would benefit me. And since I was seasonal for 8 months I kind of got shafted on a raise, oh well

  19. If it’s not on your schedule, then they probably didn’t have the projected volume they were expecting, and canceled MET for your shift. Been there done that, they don’t always let you know about MET changes right away.

  20. Fucking avatars on reddit, why?? People actually use this shithole without old.reddit or 3rd party clients? lmaoooooooo you're trolling bro

  21. I only use the official reddit app. Just like the millions of other casual non-neckbearded reddit users

  22. If you truly wanted to end your life, like truly wanted to never wake up you're gonna choose a gun, or something that will guarantee results.

  23. The only way you will ever have a vegan majority is by making vegan food that tastes better than food with meat in it.

  24. Yeah I understand wanting to be vegan and loving animals and being an activist... But choosing to completely cut 98% of the population out of your life because they eat a certain food group?.. idk why vegans are so worried about OTHER people's choices.

  25. I talked with my carrier and they said it should be working fine with my sim.

  26. Do you have Adaptive Connectivity enabled? Try turning it off.

  27. Thanks for reply, I've scourged reddit and YouTube and have tried all of the solutions. I even downloaded to beta carrier services app to no avail.

  28. It's almost as if you should plug it in before you go to sleep. Wild idea I know but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

  29. It's almost as if they could have designed it functionally like every mouse on the planet but no

  30. Dva is probably the best, sigma could work too since you can shield or grasp to get closer(not that you need to since he has decent range)

  31. Ball can be good too if you can get the jump on him and slamm, he's kinda just dead even if he storms you

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