1. Well she's wrong in millions because the official figure is 1.09 million. But she is right in that Americans ultimately ended up choosing personal freedom over the lives of the elderly and immuno-comprised. Maximum prevention is a valid way of approaching a pandemic if you want to save the maximum amount of lives, the problem is that the quality of living for those who aren't vulnerable is dogshit.

  2. Man having Sargon back on twitter shitposting his absolute brain rot is something I didn't know I was missing.

  3. Nah, I think Jeb was actually one of the worst runs on recent memory. He had establishment money, family legacy, and a history as governor. That please clap moment just encapsulated his campaign so well

  4. You fucking take that back right fucking now. Jeb is a fucking national treasure.

  5. Using historical standards, they were expected and should have performed a lot better than they did. Just like how the US and England tying in the world cup is pretty much a victory for the US, the "red wave" not occurring is a loss for the republicans.

  6. Oh yea they underperformed. I just think "election deniers lost midterms" is some top tier cope posting when they actually won one control of half of congress.

  7. Not every Republican candidate was an election denier. The ones who explicitly embraced election denial were almost universally defeated. That's what OP is referring to.

  8. Ah thanks I didn't look at who lost vs who won so i'll take your word for it and in that context it makes more sense.

  9. I’m unclear why his positions on climate change are relevant when he’s actively encouraging people to vote for a party working against climate initiative, based almost exclusively around the fact that liberals hurt his fee fees. That’s even sadder than if he didn’t believe in climate change at all.

  10. If your willing to put a rifle in the hands of an 18 year old then you better give that person their full legal constitutional rights as an adult. They are being asked to put their life on the line for this country, what argument could you possibly make about their maturity if you are willing to trust them with that sacrifice?

  11. Coalition of the Canceled would be a dope fucking band name. siiiiickkkkk

  12. They made their vote, now lets see them actually enforce/act on it. Because civil litigation and audits happen with a lag time. This will 100% motivate both and the district will have no funds left to pay the teachers teaching this garbage.

  13. What sexualized element is always involved in drag then?

  14. That is a weird question. The whole thing is sexual. The way the individual dresses, the actions they take. etc. You might as well ask me what sexualized element is always involved in what a stripper does.

  15. How is the whole thing sexual? Why can't you answer a simple question if somehow Drag as a whole is a sexual thing to you?

  16. I considered myself a Peterson Fan in the early days, didn't find his non psychological takes very interesting anymore, but still thought he had some useful stuff to say.

  17. I'm not especially on board with his take with this but people are going a bit unhinged with it. Like Elon he's not focused on removing peoples free speech and he's spoken at length about why it matters in all sorts of lectures over his career. I think what he's suggesting is that moderation tools to allow people to filter their feed by whether someone is verified, or at least not-anonymous.

  18. If his comment really was about self curation, I am fully down with that. Freedom of association goes both ways and if he doesn't want to associate with a certain type of person online I think that's totally fair.

  19. Man what the actual fuck is that post. JP should know better then anyone that "Anonymous troll-demons" is defined by whomever holds power. He literally was a victim of being thrown into the undesirable category and then silenced accordingly.

  20. I usually puppet everything south of the Panama Canal but everything at or north of the Canal is rightful Yankee Clay.

  21. I put a little cap of my territory on South America and take all of New Granada Venezuela and Ecuador. That and I don't trust my puppets to produce oil and Venezuela has a good chunk of oil.

  22. Yea I am autistic for A E S E T H E T I C borders. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about doing exactly that to make oil and rubber more accessible. This game really needs to let you have more direct control over puppet economic development. It's not like imperialism at the time didn't do exactly that when the Europeans carved up Africa for resources.

  23. I hate to play devils advocate but this feels like both sides are jumping the gun here. All the buzz around the dysfunction at twitter is coming from disgruntled employees who were just run out of their job or quit because they hated the new direction. So all the news articles are obviously going to be quoting them and painting a gloomy picture.

  24. Is it unbelievable that most of the non-trans population is transphobic, at least a little bit? I'm not saying that everyone is JK Rowling, but I bet at least 90% of Americans are uncomfortable around trans people in some situations or feel some kind of revulsion towards them. Back in the 50s I'd make the same claim about black people. Most people are just good at hiding it or want to be better. Trans people were a joke for a long time.

  25. No I refuse to accept that given the vast amount of progress made in trans rights and acceptance that 90% of Americans are uncomfortable around them. I think framing transphobia against sexual preference is not just wrong, I think it's counter productive framing for trans acceptance.

  26. I think 90% of the population is a little racist at least. You seem to think that "racist" and "transphobic" describe a person's entire personality rather than discrete actions they take every day. Just because people have bad ideas about what racism or transphobia is doesn't mean that you need to set the bar as low as "I'm doing better than my Republican boomer parents".

  27. I think if you are calling people racist or transphobic that should actually tell you something about who they are. When you muddy the meaning and broaden the scope so far from it's original intent you aren't actually evolving the word. You are destroying it.

  28. I'm late but I'd genuinely like to ask why? If it's a similar situaron like OP where the chick is ostensibly passing, attractive, and is post-op then what's the hang up? I'd understand not wanting to get into long-term commitments due to the infertile piece but being against a hookup where the main thing that matters imo is attraction doesn't make sense to me

  29. Why? Because I am not into it. I don't want to fuck a biological dude or a presenting dude. I don't care how passing she is. If I was tricked into it because that person failed to disclose who they are I would feel sick to my stomach.

  30. That's fair, but then is it really all that much a stretch to say you are a bit transphobic? Say there's a chick that looks like your dream girl and she's DTF. If your sole hang up is the fact that she's trans, then I think it's fair to say you don't necessarily view her as a full woman

  31. so everyone in a traffic jam should get massive prison sentence? totally agree

  32. intentional traffic jams, happen every day, twice a day, like clockwork

  33. Didn't California recently require all new home builds to include solar installations for power generation? That's like a $30k hurdle right there.

  34. The best part is there is currently a movement in the power cartels (PGE and Edison) to basically create new billing mechanisms that increase costs for solar homeowners and decrease paybacks for generated power. They almost got it passed last year, and it looks like it will pass this year.

  35. You can disagree with his conclusion (I do) but I also think the fact that it takes days/weeks to count votes is unacceptable. We should know who won an election within 48 hours.

  36. The obsession with "harm" being caused by words and discourse is so infantilizing to the viewer that it comes off as insulting to me. The viewer doesn't need protection. The viewer can just turn it off if they don't like what they hear. It's not on Steven to change his brand, which imo is unique BECAUSE of the way he engages, to better fit into the moral and language sensibilities of Lex.

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