1. I was changing my oil in my truck a few years ago. there was a squirrel scratching the ground in my yard and just hopping around. As I'm watching it, a hawk lands out of nowhere, wrestles it for a minute as it's screaming, and starts ripping it open and eating it. I filmed it for minute and finished changing my oil. A while later, there were some bones and unrecognizable stuff left in my yard, which I threw in the appropriate waste receptacle.

  2. I keep a sharpened ice pick in my glove box for occasions like this.

  3. check out that iamjones dude. he posts a lot in the flower rosin page. has a youtube channel, as well. he buys flower and presses it.

  4. nothing wrong with that for us home hobbyists. That's what 75% of mine looks like, and it gets you zooted and tastes fine. I'm relatively new to the whole rosin game, and I've only been pressing for two years, but it's extremely fun to do.

  5. I had a couple 8 foot Boa Constrictors years back. They would do this after they ate. They're re-connecting their jaws or something after dislocating them to eat whole rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ect.....

  6. the only time and place that I hear the N word is at work by the black people/people of color. 99% of them can't go fifteen seconds without saying it.

  7. it's foxtailing. probably light stressed. it'll keep throwing white pistils. just keep your eye on the trichomes.

  8. that's the going rate in my state. bout $30 + tax for ten, 10mg gummies. see how you like them. 10 mg might be perfect for you. if it takes two, ask yourself if it's a $6 high or helps your PTSD. most likely it will.

  9. I'd imagine if you housed john wick's dog for him, you pretty much have absolutely nothing to worry about.

  10. I use to ice fish all the time. that's what it sounds like. the ice is growing/expanding. took a long time to get used to.

  11. I stand outside my wooden shed with a badminton racket and hit them. If you stand under the hole while they're munching, you can literally hear the crunching. spraying inside the hole with carb cleaner or break parts cleaner will freeze and suffocate them instantly.

  12. I'm pretty sure the one they yanked out of me after surgery had the complimentary bits of rusted razor blades on the end of it. I came about two foot off the bed, and motherfucked the male nurse that pulled it out, and anyone related to him by blood or name.

  13. this ghetto trash thinks she is so intellectual, when in all actuality, she's dumb cunt.

  14. and yet, how many members of the largest, crookedest, killingest gang, known as the blue syphilis, waited outside pissing themselves in fear?

  15. Last I heard, he owned a couple putt-putt golf places in w virginia.

  16. looks like any city in the US after a cop chokes a citizen to death.

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