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  1. Feelsbadman, i changed it bc there werent any attempts coming

  2. You cant block, but you can kick them as soon as they join

  3. Hang on let me just check with myself from 4 years ago..

  4. Thanks guys, I managed to figure it out

  5. Yes yes and yes. Did the all mother quest and talked to every npc in the village. I bought the game “sunbreak” so im gonna assume its included?

  6. I'm not, I genuinely don't understand what you mean. Like, are you saying I wouldn't be so understanding if I were the guy freaking out? What do you mean about roles being flipped?


  8. Do you have 25000 gold? Otherwise you're very unlucky.

  9. German native by any chance? They're both wrong; you can't translate " seit " in this way. You need to use + for

  10. Im dutch, close guess! Sinds een paar weken is ons boek te koop. The context is more in an “announcement way”, like the first sentence of a post on social media. Do you have an alternative?

  11. This was probably the most absurd/ridiculous moment from the whole comp, and the way the commentators responded (shock & speechlessness lol) was kinda hilarious 😅

  12. How would you handle this? Choke hold or elbow strike? Ear punch? Palm to nose? Serious question.

  13. I've lived in this province (NL) my entire life and haven't visited L'Anse aux Meadows. Damn shame

  14. For a sec i thought you meant Netherlands

  15. I have the same problem. Anyone knows?

  16. The skipping past the Sanni parts of the movie is pretty circle jerky

  17. This video would be mystifying to me, if it wasn't for an experience I had visiting a reef on the GBR with a massive tourist dive boat departing from Cairns in 2013 (do not recommend). My wife and I were on that to dive, both fully certified with our own gear, so you can get out of the way of the crowds.

  18. Nope, I need to buy the skin and I have no star points

  19. I had an ex that gave mind blowing head to the point where I stayed with her for months past the point when I was ready to break things off. Every time I started the "we need to talk" conversation, shed stop me, go to town and I would legit just change my mind and stay with her.

  20. I had an ex who i treated not so nice in comparison to how nice she was treating me. As a revenge for my behaviour she gave me the best bj of my life. After which she ghosted me forever..

  21. Can we not with this shitty loud music on these posts?

  22. Is it also possible to not see future posts from certain profiles?

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