1. Wow seems like mostly everyones over 30, 16 here,got into wr when I realized it's way more balanced than ML

  2. The stat boost that skins give on MLBB alone throws balance right out the window

  3. Don’t you have to turn on a setting on gelbooru before your allowed to even see that content?

  4. If that's a prob, use chan sankaku where most stuff is shown for free. And even then, this paid thingamabob doesn't help the artist's case, actually makes him look worse that he monetizes CP

  5. I dislike the Lucina one because it made lucina look like a child when she's most definitely at least 18 which is weird. What makes it worse because the etrian odyssey artist most deffo know how to draw adult looking adults but chose to make lucina look like little kid.

  6. I like it. I didn't expect a great story because it is tekken and so I enjoyed it. The triangle shadow is fine too because its unique to the show, it's a quirk

  7. Don’t listen to this man. Tachanka’s grenade launcher is awful. He’s right about nokk though

  8. The shumika is pretty good, not as good as smoke's toxic babes but they're alright

  9. kinda new to the game. kd is 0.9 and im plat 2. in my eyes I still see tachanka’s grenade launcher being better because more ammo and you can spam it. please enlighten me on the smoke grenades being better cuz ive wanted to try smoke for awhile :)

  10. Smoke's just the better operator because of his loadout which is overall better than tachanka's. A relatively consistent shotty and the smg 11 that tears everyone to shreds is a very powerful combo. Tachanka's high damage lmg looks good but that slow RPM is pretty bad.

  11. You're in the right and that TF is just a toxic jerk but you should've warded and pinged to let your team know where the roaming lane enemy went if you haven't already. Missing and warning pings can go a long way for those that use those right.

  12. Honestly, good for her. Amuro was a pretty crappy guy to begin with. At the start, he ignores Fraw and often ignores the lady.

  13. My guy is basically fighting a 1 man war on his own, disowned by his mother, watched lalah die and his father has a decent into madness. Amuro was really messed up by the time they hit A Baoa Qu.

  14. That's why I mentioned the him at the start of the series where he can't use being a ptsd ridden mess as an excuse. during the snippet of his normal life with fraw, he just ignores whatever fraw's saying which is pretty icky of Amuro imo.

  15. Lol and people still believe lee is not good.

  16. Bro kycillia look like a wholeass grandma i know you not tryna hit

  17. I mean I get the Tate hate but I just don’t get worshipping celebrities as wholesome role models

  18. Why do people see Henry Cavill as a role model? Is it just because he's a gamer?

  19. Being a gamer is part of it. He's a nerd/geek and tons of people resonate with that. He's showing to the "mainstream" that having geeky hobbies is alrighty. + He seems to be a genuinely nice guy that also respects source materials

  20. Celebrity worship is an old thing, older than Reddit, older than the internet itself and as long as the celebrity is a real good person then I say its fine and dandy

  21. Mirai kissing what's-his-name made my tummy sink into itself.

  22. The madlads sure did and its cool af. Weird it's given to echo, an op who sits and stays idle a lot but understandable cause he's japanese

  23. Woah, all are pretty great. Like none of them missed aside from castle's weird character card, like why is placed lower down than usual

  24. Its all rng. So the more you can kill per second, the more card you can potentially get. Card rarity affects the drop rate too i believe, like I used to have 16 grey cards in glastheim culverts and only around 50 green cards every time i farm on there way back when with a genetic.

  25. I just want a very intrusive dragon/baron/herald ping. Like i ping dragon and a flashing bordered thingy appears on my team's screen

  26. Did he just call pedophiles cultured men? Bro wtf tBh I shouldn’t be surprised

  27. Cultured alright, as cultured as a plastic bag of shit that's been left to stew under the sun

  28. Dati - sam conception and tippy. Credits din sa original song writers thyro and yumi

  29. I love that song (Dati) so much nung grade 6-7 ako. Damn, tagal na pala nun, parang last year lang

  30. Don't listen to the other guy, watch blood vengeance and you be the judge.

  31. That's the best part because newer releases always have an AA reset and one very fast moving skill shot thats almost impossible to whiff

  32. Depends, you wanna see timothy get stabbed by the red harpy for the nth time? Better continue your progress imo because as they say, the real game starts at max level so get to it

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