1. Placed an order on Sunday and it’s going to arrive today. (Florida) Their shipping has been shit in the past and even made Dr G look good, so I’m glad they’re improving. Now they just gotta make sure there’s no mold on it…

  2. It's Obama Kush. Supppper purple strain. I havent been able to get it to pull more than 12oz per plant (cause it's stalky and stout) but it produces hands down the nicest looking buds I've ever seen, potent af too. The Rose Blunts are

  3. I’ve never used roses before. Do they taste better, or significantly smoother?

  4. What’s it like smoking from a pipe like that? I heard pipes don’t work well with weed.

  5. It is absolutely a fair comparison. 5 Guys is overrated af.

  6. I never liked Five Guys. I can’t eat there without getting a massive upset stomach.

  7. Obviously when you smoke weed you temporarily exit the Matrix. In the real world, pizza must actually taste bad. Wow.

  8. I got the rainbow sherbet. The taste is almost nonexistent, but the effects are on point.

  9. The wait has always been less than two weeks for me. Usually 7 - 11 days. I smoke the same amount each day so I know when I only have two weeks left , and that’s when I order. Their shipping has never been a problem from my experience.

  10. Tedious? Thought it was an interesting mechanic. How many times did it happen 3-4 tops? FC5 has a lot of issues but I didn’t think the kidnapped thing was as big of a deal as ppl made it out to be.

  11. I remember not knowing that the captured continued the story, so I was just playing for an hour constantly killing person after person getting pissed off. I almost quit the game entirely.

  12. Matthew Broderick killed two women by driving his car in the wrong lane and causing a head on collision.

  13. Wow this might be the first mention of this movie I've ever seen on reddit. Great movie, it's fuckin terrible but great

  14. Korey clearly makes enough to live in a nice house in Austin and drink top shelf liquor

  15. To be fair, I remember him saying something about having paid off his house. I’d have a lot of money for high quality liquor if I didn’t have mortgage.

  16. I should use this for my neighbor’s yappy dog at night . She lets it sit out on the lanai and bark for an hour straight each night.

  17. Let’s not act like my man didn’t grow up to be a handsome dude.

  18. The Florida medical program is complete shit. They restrict how much you can buy and when, you have to pay your Dr every 7 months for a 'recommendation' which is basically your prescription to buy, and you have to pay the state every year to have the card, then add on the INSANE prices people pay for all the hyped up shit (Jungle Boys, Preferred Gardens, etc etc) it's just not worth it. Every 90 days or so, the government decides just willy nilly they can change the rules of the program which restrict access to medicine, the quantity of medicine etc, all WITHOUT INVOLVING OR ASKING THE PATIENTS ANYTHING

  19. That’s why I use THCa. Lots of hoops to jump through here in Florida for the same stuff I buy online.

  20. Ragnarok isn't even the best looking game released in 2022

  21. I thought GoW:R looked amazing, and was constantly impressed, but a big part as to why is that it was the first PS5 game I played after only having a non-pro PS4. Everything looked so much better with an increase in resolution.

  22. I was dreading the rampage scene because of how it made me feel when I played it. I sat my controller down when it came time to shoot the doctor in the hopes there was an alternative ending.

  23. Edge is better version of chrome. Except some bloat they introduced of course. But Firefox, man. The browser for chads.

  24. I like Edge, and so far I haven’t noticed any ads unless the update hasn’t hit me yet.

  25. Honestly yea. Before I found the cult HC8 was my go to. Those wrecked gummies lived to their name.

  26. Same here. It helps that I live in Sarasota about 15 minutes from their HQ. It’s cool to browse their stuff in person.

  27. Shit so you can drive down and get ozs of hhc and d8 disty and drive back?

  28. Yeah. And last I went I got a big discount cause I built up a lot of reward points. I still have a soft spot for their sour alien D8, but nowadays my jars are collecting dust since THCa.

  29. I took Monday off so I’ll have a three day weekend as well. Took it off because my wife is leaving tomorrow morning and won’t be back til Monday night. Gonna spend those days smoking nonstop. Pretty excited.

  30. I was excited for their distillate so I paid for the shipping to get it faster. Took longer than every other time when I did the free shipping. I’ve enjoyed everything I have gotten from the good doctor, but their paid shipping is a rip off.

  31. I always thought it was a neat toy for kids. The problem is that it was overpriced.

  32. Did you get them the back of someone’s car on the side of the road? Because that’s the true Georgia experience right there, and it’s delicious.

  33. I agree it’s delicious. What’s kind of funny is despite being born and raised in the south I think sweet tea is gross. It’s an opinion I gotta keep to myself down here though haha.

  34. What parts didn’t land for you? I’m just curious because at the moment I’m playing through part 2 for the first time. I just did the

  35. While everyone loved the game, Joel’s actions in it are debatable. The question about what you would do if you were Joel was raised at my work the other day, and it started a divisive debate.

  36. Games with shit optimization probably shouldn't count. Hogwarts looks like a 5 year old game.

  37. Inside Hogwarts looks great but once you go outside you’re right.

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