1. Yocan Uni pro is the sub favorite when it comes carts for a good reason.

  2. How does the grade soda taste, and how are the effects of the serene blend?

  3. taste is slightly sweet but not in that weird terpe way. hit of grape on the exhale. I really dig it. serene really kicked my ass. lol I’m really impressed. My tolerance is extremely high now and I was wrecked. 10/10 recommend. It’s my new favorite. If somebody has something comparable,shoot it to me,I’ll definitely try it! Cheers!

  4. Nice! I was already interested in their serene blend, but now I’m extra excited for it. I wanted something to knock me out on those nights I have too much on my mind.

  5. Lost power 1pm yesterday, as of 8:21am it’s still out, but no damage to my home and no flooding. Very lucky. Hope everyone else in the state are good too!

  6. Glad you arnt further near the eye, my buddy is in fort Myers right now, national guard is literally forcing people out of the stores he told me their armory is active now, lol hope you stocked up on vape too.

  7. I got about 30g+ of terped disty in jars, five mostly filled carts, close to 40 gummies, and some partially eaten chocolate bars ;)

  8. I live near bee ridge. It’s been out since 1pm, and is still out now at 7am. I was able to get some sleep thanks to a mini USB powered fan and a portable power bank.

  9. Our Wisconsin cows produce melk, it's actually better than typical milk. Just because they put the word real behind it doesn't mean it's better.

  10. Hey Bro, just wanted to apologize. I had a real shit weekend and took it out on you. Uncalled for...

  11. To be fair, I was unnecessarily being snarky which I shouldn’t have been.

  12. How can you tell it’s just them copying other channels vs just having the same overall feelings as other channels?

  13. It's pretty much the same talking points almost word for word. I rated Andor about the same as they did but they did the same thing on that one and it kind of hit that it's kind of a regular thing.

  14. I haven’t listened to the show fully yet (I’m assuming it was on this recent Sunday Service, and I’m about 1/3 in on the audio version) But my opinion is the Rings of Power is pretty dull with me debating on if I should even continue, and House of the Dragon is really interesting. I look forward to each episode with some excitement, but it doesn’t have the great hook the first season of Game of Thrones had. Still waiting to really dive deep into the plot, but now that we had our last major time jump (I think?) I hope things have more of a chance to pick up.

  15. The money. My tolerance is kind of low, and I could use the money to buy more drugs!

  16. Whenever I see posts like this, I always have to ask what brand it was, and how were you using it. But yeah, if your heart is sensitive to it, definitely don’t use it. Getting a little high isn’t worth a hospital visit.

  17. The Drake one made me laugh. It’s the same shit every year. I’m by no means a genius or anything, but even I know to stock up on water and non-perishable food back in June to avoid the panic buying fiasco.

  18. I still like the parody of this game, set to the tune of Akon’s ‘Put the Blame on Me.’

  19. WTH is wrong with Florida that they left the Hawaiian Sweet rolls.

  20. I live in Sarasota and no one is panicking here either. Only panic that exists is online

  21. I live in Sarasota. I was just at Publix a couple hours ago, and the only thing I couldn’t find was hotdog buns. The bun section was almost completely empty. Why do people panic buy bread?

  22. Maybe I should give the book a go. I haven’t read a lot of King, but his short story The Boogeyman messed with my head for a solid day. I read it late at night and it freaked me out.

  23. I have noticed millenials are way more tolerant and less racist, generation z is getting indoctrinated on social media with fascism and far right

  24. Gen Z seems like they’re way more aware of issues like bigotry. They are more likely to be cool with someone who’s a different race or sexuality. But I have no actual proof of this, and I could be wrong, but believing it’s true gives me some hope.

  25. Blockbuster night was a great night. Got to choose 1 movie and 1 video game

  26. There was a pizza place next door to my Blockbuster. Friday nights with pizza and a movie were the best.

  27. You can only blame one person for that really. I'll never understand the hate for the showrunners. Sure, they weren't great but it was never supposed to be their job to finish the story. And they had a limited timeframe. GRRM has the rest of his life and still can't even get the next book out let alone finish the series.

  28. People like to say D&D killed Game of Thrones. I say GRRM killed it, but D&D pulled the trigger. He didn’t know how to end it, which is why we still don’t have another book.

  29. More people respect Ned Stark’s memory than Tywin Lannister’s life. Tywins use of fear and brutality will never be as respected as Ned Starks honesty, Compassion and honor.

  30. Tywin was such a dick, but he was still one of my favorites. He was always two steps ahead of everyone, and easily one of the smartest people in all of Westeros. He got shit done. Unfortunately for him,

  31. I’ve used HC8 a lot, and never had any problems. Since they’re based in my city, they’re my go-to.

  32. I believe so. Last time I went was labor day weekend and I got the same 25% off.

  33. Get a candle warmer or mug warmer. $5-$10 on Walmart and Amazon.

  34. Delta 8 is a drug, so you will fail your drug test the following Wednesday.

  35. I was thinking about making my own gummies. Bookmarked your link. Thanks!

  36. How can people say that about Eternals when Thor 2 exists...

  37. The whole MCU is on a decline in my opinion. It’s been just lame action and not so funny comedy lately. Hoping the next Black Panther reinvigorates things, but I won’t hold my breath.

  38. Pineapple on pizza is best topping. Could give or take the ham.

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