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  1. stupid high high high activist high smart high money high creative high animal high runners high rock high

  2. i’d love for proshots of live productions to get in like falsettos or sweeney todd

  3. Mishima + patriotism 4K, just combine the two Pink Floyd’s the Wall, Pink Floyd live at pompeii Persepolis Miss Saigon Gala recording Supermarket woman Another karel zeman box set

  4. Hedwig and Chicago stay true to the stage show while also bringing a lot of new aspects fitting the medium better

  5. hedwig and the angry inch is one of the most inventive, entertaining and moving movies i’ve seen in a while. The movie does such justice to the stage show while standing out as it’s own thing

  6. all four movies are fantastic! i wish i could watch tampopo for the first time again

  7. so is the krispy bar just a 5 dollar rice krispy treat

  8. naw coz no one even mentioned my posts from yesterday

  9. Gloucester City resident here. No shot in hell drugs were being sold at the Marina. GCPD is constantly rolling by

  10. this and the muppet movie are the only other full feature length puppetry movies i can think of that deserve a place

  11. meet the feebles could make for a cool arrow release though

  12. pink floyd the wall, borat, supermarket woman, man bites dog upgrade and persepolis have been my top for a while

  13. listen to some good tunes and look at pretty paintings👍

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