I bet $5000 on a qanon conspiracy

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  1. For a second I thought you were using some kind of ugly filter, but no, that’s your real face.

  2. They’re all probably like “how the fuck did Artie lang outlive us?!”

  3. Damn it I was stoked to listen to this. Eddie says people need to discover flat earth for themselves then never shuts up about it. It’s getting hackneyed

  4. It’s like the cake on Reddit. It means that it’s the anniversary of the day the user joined CH

  5. Thanks there’s a bunch of sites that say it means you’re new. Im like wtf

  6. Yeah you’ll def get cranky wout it pretty quick the wd was never bad for me though

  7. You might want to try tapping into necrophiliac market via a niche only fans page

  8. That’s low but I def think it’s possible I occasionally see zones for about 200

  9. Many people are millionaires because of shib so it stands to reason many more could also become wealthy

  10. This might be the most generous thing Howard has done. Yes I know Howard would never pay out of his own pocket for JD to go and that Sirius is footing the bill, but moments of generosity like this are rare on Stern

  11. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I think Pelican boy shells out some money once in a while. He bitched enough about getting everyone christmas presents but still seemed to get his one secret Santa an awesome gift

  12. All I know is that it’s a common theme among many former that Howard was notoriously cheap when it comes to giving gifts. He’s also in a position where he can help other people and chooses not to (Scott Salem)

  13. Yeah he’s cheap no doubt but I think once in a while he splurges and he def cares about JD like a son

  14. he carried the torch of “next dylan” honorably for those years that the media was hyping him like that. his solo material, especially, is deserving of the comparison. feel like my college obsession with Oberst prepared me nicely for a lifetime ahead of Dylanology.

  15. I feel like Dylan is a little overhyped. Tons of cultural significance that I respect though

  16. can you bring someone inside a dispensary with you? Or are they pretty strict with who’s allowed to come in?

  17. No one comes in until they check them In with a card and Id. I think you can have a certified care taker if you fill out paper work that can actually pick your prescription up with you

  18. Withdraw and panic attacks go together for me. I don’t notice withdrawal as bad from Kratom but I def start freaking out more when I’m without it

  19. You can take the Kratom whenever but I’d wait till withdraw hits. Kratom is excellent for getting of subs good luck

  20. They may not even have them anymore but nerd ropes are licorice covered in nerds

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