TIL: To "protect the truth," a woman recorded hundreds of thousands of hours of TV news between 1977 and 2012. Her archives grew to about 71,000 VHS and Betamax tapes stacked in her home and apartments she rented to store them. Upon her death, the Internet Archive agreed to digitize the volumes.

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  1. If this is the identity, do papers have inverses?

  2. I don't keep in contact with her, for my mind's sake, what do you mean by Il Vaticano, just the place? I mean she probably heard of it, he geográfy is poor albeit not that poor I would say. I mean I don't know how one can not know of its existence, the complex nature of its hardly as important. However she lack knowledge of peoples and regions in our own country, it is somewhat understandable considering the size of it but it's still pretty weird

  3. Il Vaticano is a special move in chess, just like en passant, castling, en arriere, knight boost, and knooklear fission

  4. Then she probably knows it, if it's called that I don't know, I imagine chess moves keep their names in different languages right

  5. Yes, like how some countries call a certain piece the "Springer", while its more well-known name is the Horsey. An archaic name still used nowadays is "knight"

  6. Sometimes I think I glitched into multiplayer, but I think they’re actually NPCs, made to look like real players.

  7. That's a good question! Paschar says to "golemize" is to create an "automaton" that the angel or other "non corporeal entity" can sit inside and walk around with like driving a car. Please don't ask me what those other words I put in quotes mean! Paschar is really chatty right now and is using big words just so he can feel happy when I ask him what they mean!

  8. On this subject, what does "touched" mean and what sacrosanct process would that be?

  9. I think the special move you meant to say was en passant

  10. holy fucking shit so this is a combination of like 3 different chess rules I absolutely love it wtf

  11. There was a beautiful mate in 4 a while back which combined forced en passant, king can't move to c2, and promotion to knook

  12. Her wiki says she was "especially known for her compulsive hoarding." This sounds more like a mentally ill woman with the compulsion to save EVERYTHING and a few of those things eventually became valuable.

  13. Ok then, I'll agree to abolish the apostrophe if we can all agree to accept thorn

  14. þus, þe þrongs þroughout þis earþen realm shall þank þeir lucky stars to be rid of such filþ as the apostrophe.

  15. You have convinced me þat it is not necessary, but not þat it's filþ(also, apostrophes allow double contractions like itsnt)

  16. Mathematicians -- ability to draw light figures like Doctor Strange, but they don't do anything except emit light

  17. If that's how they react to halo imagine how they would react to Warhammer 40k just imagine that conversation

  18. You can remember it like this: "are not" -> "are n't" -> "aren't" And "they are" -> "they 're" -> "they're" so it wouldn't make sense to say "play they are favorite game"

  19. Is your goal to have fun or improve? You can still play your favorite music, but if it's holding you back nothing wrong with letting it sit for a while and more experienced future you can revisit it through a different lens.

  20. I'd like to have fun, but I also don't want to make mistakes in my favorite pieces, which I would put above having fun

  21. Really depends what level pianist you are and how far you've polised the piece(s).

  22. Thanks for your detailed response! This answered all my questions

  23. Approximately e times larger.

  24. Why are you replying to a 2-year-old comment?

  25. Pure math usually also.contains things like Functional analysis, graph theory, game theory, combinatorics, etc. All.of these have industry related jobs but there is one thing you must have no matter what math you learn be it applied or pure or statistics. Programming. The application of any mathematical theory in industry is primarily done through software. Learn any math you want but also learn programming and you will have a high level of skills in Mathematics (very few people in the labour force) along with programming (lots of people in labour force). This combination skill set will make you more competitive and allow for movement in the labour force.

  26. How to start learning programming and what should be learned?

  27. I think that it's like money-- it is only valuable if people accept it, so it doesn't have inherent value. Besides, why do you care that numbers exist? They are useful and when used correctly, can predict reality

  28. it’s not about caring i was just curious. it’s not like i’m going to live the rest of my life ignoring the existence of numbers because that one time i had a thought

  29. Numbers are concepts. All numbers are concepts, even ordinary ones like 1 and 3. It's just that we are very familiar with them.

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