1. If I had a penny for every time Maul fell into a seemingly bottomless pit and survived, I'd have 2 pennies. It's not a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.

  2. There are bots. You can tell when you kill them and it'll say their name is "CT-3629" or "TK-286" instead of a regular name.

  3. My favourite class to race in is B class. Has been for Horizon 4 and now 5, but Mexico is a little too open for my style of builds. Full-blown online racing usually means power-builds in B class rocking 800-1000hp. I prefer to stay around 250-300hp with the car's natural drive train layout and preferably the engine it came with.

  4. Every dad ever. If it didn't work for you and you'd rather save your pride than actually get the thing to work, never get your dad to try because it will work........but there will be consequences.

  5. Right when I think I have a handle on it, I get put back in my place. I do something new with my life and at first, it's a little exciting and changes things, but then the "honeymoon period" of this new thing ends and I fall right back down again. I'm honestly at my witts end. Maybe something will work for you, but it feels like nothing ever works for me. I think I'm the problem, not my surroundings.

  6. Sorry, that was a shite reply. It was not the attitude to have for a topic like this. If you read it, ignore it. It was just me being grim and stupid at myself. Everyone tackles their depression differently. Maybe you're more resilient than me. Good luck with the fight, its uphill but its been done by others before. If they can do it, so can we.

  7. God wtf i thought i was reading a post i wrote lol it's so scary how reflective your story is to mine. Lmk how it goes for u cause i never have went to get checked, i kinda just been riding it out with alot of potholes.

  8. It certainly does suck at times 😅. I think I will look into something more. I've toyed with the idea of antidepressants before, but I guess my manly "I'm fine, I don't need help." attitude stopped that from happening. If I go for tests, I'll be sure to post an update on what happened, the process and how I feel after the results. But we'll see, I don't do most of the things I say I will unless someone holds me to it or I actually want to. Fingers crossed I get my shit together and visit my doctor.

  9. I think it's always worth it to explore whether you have any diagnosable conditions. Mental health is just as important as physical health. If they find something, they may be able to address it so you won't have to suffer as much. It doesn't mean you're defective or crazy; it just means you have a medical condition.

  10. Yeah I see that. It's definitely the truth. I just have 2 friend groups in my life right now. One is fiercely independent and capable. They're on track to nail uni and have great lives, while my other group stayed home after school. They all have some form of health welfare thing going on and are getting extra help. I've at times been jealous of them because they see me as a member of the first group, while I feel I have more in common with them. My family often criticises them for their position in life and expect great things from me.

  11. "Here at Aperture science, we fire the whole bullet. That's 65% more bullet per bullet."

  12. I think the problem is while the levin looks great on its own it is overshadowed by the popup headlights of the trueno. At least for me I love cars with popups. Since they can no longer make them based on pedestrian safety you see them less and less. I still like how the levin looks with the brick lights, I have one myself lol, but the trueno just looks that much better in my mind.

  13. I agree completely and the trueno is my preferred model. I'd love to get one, but they've skyrocketed into €20,000-30,000 range. Both are amazing little machines but I'd take a trueno for its popups.

  14. These things are indestructible 😅 Its from the same brand, I actually wanna see if someone guesses it

  15. The Jedi's training involved a degree of self-control that wasn't trusted to the Jedi in question. Instead, their training limited them beyond their true limit to avoid the Jedi ever being a danger to themselves or innocents around them. Think of it like a weight limit on an elevator. It can carry more, but let's not risk it when there's no need. These Jedi during the clone wars were raised to only use the Force when necessary and to treat it with immense respect.

  16. My dad runs a garage and occasionally sells cars. He buys a car and asks me to help him bring it home. Normally I'd drive the work van and he'd drive the car we just bought, but he asked me to drive the new car. It had sat for a while but drove fine and started first try.

  17. That could be a Final Destination death scene. Be thankful you still alive 😊

  18. It was more uncomfortable than anything. I didn't lose my cool behind the wheel or drive dangerously, don't worry. Besides, over here in Ireland, the only thing a spider will do to you is crawl on you.

  19. Why is every post like this? Someone shows what they did and then here come the apparent experts with their critique.

  20. I'm just waiting for that one guy who insists that all players who parry are actually trash because it wasn't an intended feature and he's better than everyone else.

  21. Oh there's loads, but there is one particular guy I remember. I wound up blocking him. I wonder how he's doing. I hope he's calmed down and has learned to enjoy the game.

  22. For the next ant man film they should actually shrink the actors down

  23. I can't wait to see how big the Hulk is after they expose Mark Ruffalo to lethal amounts of gamma radiation. He's gonna look so sick!

  24. Dude had to ditch his pants for better aerodynamics. Gotta get that speed advantage.

  25. I'm going to be honest. I don't know exactly. They're imitations of BBS RS wheels, but I'm not sure who they're from.

  26. Funny enough that’s similar for my SW20. Guy bought it for his son who wasn’t really interested in it. Luckily it was still bone stock though. Now it’s got a 4th gen swap and all the other standard mods. So fun to drive.

  27. I love the colour, but the paint is rough. VERY rough in places. When I get around to painting it (if I ever do) it'll be the same colour, just clean. When I think mr2 I always picture red, but steel mist has really grown on me.

  28. Creating a new character will have you start from scratch, but they'll share the bank account of your other character unless you overwrite that old character.

  29. Then the enemy team act as though your bad ping was the most skilled play in the world, of course

  30. If that Dooku legitimately did phase through space and time so he could simultaneously kill Anakin and I then clip through the palace walls, I wouldn't even be mad. But no, it's just incredible ping spikes.

  31. Well it may be the servers, does this happen at the start of the game or just randomly during it?

  32. Just kicks in randomly. I'm not that bothered, it's just I'm got battlefront fever 😂

  33. Looks like a little monster. This is a sick build! Keep it up you absolute mad man, I can't wait to see what happens to her next. Love the top mounted intercooler. The more I look at it, the more it suits it.

  34. You can't customise it, I believe. There's is a pre-customised version you can use for taxi runs that unlocks through the area wars. I think it's lvl 25 or something like that. It's a regular taxi, painted red and black with full performance upgrades.

  35. Herbert Moon, the general store owner in Armadillo from the Red Dead Redemption games, especially his appearance in Undead Nightmare. I'm very glad he's fictional though, somebody like him would drive me crazy in person.

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