1. update: right out of the jar this smells amazing. cheesy/dank. the high is all cerebral in my opinion, I got super super blazed without becoming sleepy. I was waiting to find this on sale and snagged it 20% off- I'll be picking it up again next time it's on sale!

  2. This is my most favorite sativa in Ohio right now. The smell, stickiness and flavor is unmatched. I personally think it is some of the best flower in Ohio period!


  4. Thanks everybody for helping out. I think I’m going to grab 5 quarters. Brain stew, truffles, lemon meringue, sunny D and mac 1. If anybody disagrees with these, let me know.

  5. In my experience ALL of them are fire. Grab a mix of as many strains as you can !!! Happy smokes ! 🔥

  6. Slap a Boveda pack in there for a day or two and you'll be set. I used to dislike their flower, as with Buckeye Relief.. but they've changed (for the better).

  7. Just crazy they are growing something that nice looking that is 37% thc and they let it come out dry. Kinda bums me out.

  8. Haha thanks for the help! I spent $20 more and got a half of buckeye relief lime sherbet flower.

  9. Quick update: Picked up Blueberry Cheesecake, Grapehead and Animal mints. This batch like most of you said is one of the best in a minute. Every nug is huge in these jars and super sticky! I went to Zenleafs new location Canton and got 15% off my total order for spending more than $150.

  10. Was this sticky? Looks pretty sticky. I got some robots not to long ago and wow was it sticky. It was great.

  11. Yeah idk if I trust activision to fix it before they launch the next battle royale. Never was able to contact them ever. The way I fixed it was I reset my hard drive(which I was going to anyways) and with a fresh install of windows, I had no issues. Sorry if this doesn’t help.

  12. You have no freezes or shut downs at all anymore? Just trying to make sure I understand before I do that. You can play rebirth for hours with no issues?

  13. Yes, I noticed immediately since before I could only play for like 10-25 minutes. There was an update that broke it months ago. But thankfully now when they patched it it was fixed. When I play I’ve had no issues for 5-8 hours at a time. Hope it works for you !

  14. Thanks for the info! Crazy we have all to go through all this with high end parts.

  15. That’s unbelievable. Every artifact jar I’ve gotten has been pretty amazing but that looks horrible!!!! I have the BC, EPBC, second breakfast and ghee butter all in the artifact line right now and they are super pretty and smell great. EBPC is my fav all around. Effects are tops notch as well. Thanks for letting everyone know. Will be staying away.

  16. I tried the sunset sherbert and was very underwhelmed. It looked good but was so dry it literally crumbled to dust when trying to break it down. It also had barely any smell or flavor due to how dry it was.

  17. The sunset definitely is the worst of the 4. Le crinkle is definitely not as dry and doesn’t break down to dust like sunset.

  18. Been wanting to try crinkle, maybe I’ll wait for a fresh batch. Animal face is amazing every time. Last batch I got had a massive 4.5gram nug in it

  19. Yeah, definitely wait, it still works great but definitely not as exciting as the other two.

  20. I picked the MPX-K and haven’t looked back. It is much more comfortable to shoot than the Copperheads I’ve fired. It’s heavy enough to make recoil not noticeable, but light enough to be easy to carry and aim. You can change the handguard and barrel length as well

  21. I asked about the jars when there and wasn’t told it was what I’m understanding from this post as “premium flower.” You’re making me want to try it very badly now lol

  22. I’m not sure what he told you, but these artifact jars are fire. I only buy high end stuff for the most part and these jars exceed my expectations. I usually buy buckeye, klutch, Woodward and galenas. Buckeye is for bulk and deals, same with klutch when I can find it on sale. Woodward and Galenas Artifact is what I splurge on.

  23. Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely check out the G-leaf, I have read good things but never made the drive.

  24. I have their drop list, if you haven’t found any yet I can send you where some stuff is if it isn’t sold out

  25. Yes, please message me it. I just signed up for it but havent gotten the new list yet.

  26. I’ve been seeing tons of artifacts jars lately, I’m guessing from the south, but have you seen any up here yet?

  27. They will never stop charging 200 a half when people are actually paying it. It’s not even that great of bud.

  28. I mean I’ve been doing this for a while and maybe I just got a good half but it really is some fire bud. Obviously not worth $190 as I have stated but it definitely works well.

  29. Well I appreciate you enabling these capitalist growers charging 200 a half for just decent bud.

  30. It isn't the grower, it is the dispensary hence the different prices all over the state. At least know who you are supposed to be mad at lol.

  31. Update- got the half of the Orange 43. Glad I did, great nugs! These prices aren’t great but at least the product was superb.

  32. Just got done with a half of the Orange 43. Wish I would of gotten more. Nugs were awesome. Ran out of days!

  33. Zen leaf in canton does 25-40% off sales, I was able to get a half of klutch sherbhead for $140 out the door. Some of these dispensaries are charging almost $200 out the door for a half of klutch in Akron. It is crazy!!!!

  34. You need some electric peanut butter cookies, in the artifact if you can find it. One of the best strains in Ohio.

  35. Just tried the blueberry cookies. It is awesome as well. If I had to pick I would say ePBC over the BC, but you won’t be disappointed either way. Too completely different but great highs. This is definitely a heavier/relaxing compared to the ePBC. Should have saved this for later in the day lol. But hey it’s Saturday! For now, these artifact jars are some of the best looking and preforming product I’ve used over 3.5 years in the program.

  36. Update: I’m going to the botanist tomorrow in canton to get the Artifact Blueberry cookies strain. I was that impressed by the ePBC. I’ll report back.

  37. I am picking up an Artifact of Electric Peanut Butter cookies tomorrow. Only getting 5.66 but I have to try it.

  38. I’d get a 2.83 if I could and get the northern frostberry. It’s top tier.

  39. They only have the peanut butter cookies in the artifact which I have to try. But I’ll grab that as well in the bag form.

  40. Where did you find these? Been wanting to give galenas anther chance. These look great. Were they dry? That my biggest fear with buy multiple amounts.

  41. Lol the foxtrox has no merit when you only put 1k rounds through it and then replaced it, geez man

  42. I appreciate this feedback. As I read more, they are saying this pistol is more picky with ammo then a 22lr pistol. I shoot quite often and to spend that kind of money on a range session for ammo seems like a little much. And I have no problem spending a little extra. If it can’t feed 115 or 124, just seems like a headache.

  43. Update Received the pistol this week, this thing is a beaut. Even better than the pictures. The quality is awesome on the finish. Top notch all around. Took it the range, 200 rounds later not a single hiccup. Heavier than I expected but not in a bad way. Feels sturdy. At $1100 out the door, I’m not sure you can get a better AR pistol(non-build).

  44. How did you “win” the MD-15 and paid $1029? I’ve been looking at getting possibly getting their PDX

  45. I won an auction on gunbroker. It wasn’t a raffle or anything. I wanted the PDX in FDE but I saw this and threw a max bid of $1100 in and it never even hit that.

  46. Just got off the phone with customer service, wont be available until midday. Kind of stupid....

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