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  1. And cgi horner made the movie better

  2. "(not to be confused with anyone who has legit criticisms about it)"

  3. Plot twist: They react like that because she serves them hot leaf juice

  4. It is very unclear, when not even Cream has any screentime, let alone her

  5. She hasn't been the same ever since Sonic Babysat her.

  6. I guess these ones will stick to nuts and berries

  7. Omnivorous Dromaeosaur that eats plant material sound fun

  8. Maybe because carnivores eat the herbivores, and herbivores don't eat people. Also, are you ignoring that the most badass dino in Dominion was a herbivore? Going back, The Lost World also depicted herbivores as being dangerous animals, particularly the Stegos.

  9. Dishonorable mentions made me lose my honor faster than Zuko's

  10. Who is the girl on the right? It's obviously Hilda, but what is she from?

  11. Stringbean has reached the ultimate form

  12. And now she is tryna find the damn 4th chaos emerald

  13. He actually compared mini-game music from PvZ1 to Beginner World PvZ2 music (Ancient Egypt)

  14. Seriously, has he even listened to BWB, NMT or Modern Day Music

  15. His PvZ2 footage only contained Ancient Egypt. Bro didn't even make it to Pirate Seas ._.

  16. Hilda: And i feel like i have the urge to swear... like, alot

  17. It's better you don't find what certain artists do with pokemon

  18. Cream the Rabbit is her name, not a command

  19. He is blessed with glorious vision and sees the (first) live ATLA film.

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