1. Abilify made my anxiety worse before it got better but after a few weeks it did eliminate my anxiety. Can I ask why you came off of lithium, I’m thinking of starting it for bp depression

  2. How long before it went away and what are you currently taking? I'm taking lamictal

  3. Have you heard of rexulti? My doc wanted me to start on that Instead.

  4. Yes I’ve been on Rexulti too and I didn’t do well on it but everyone is different. Lots of people do great on it

  5. I’m on lithium, lamotrogine, and risperidone. I’ve been on lithium since July and the other meds since September. I believe the combination has been incredibly helpful for my depression. I was in ROUGH shape. I’m not too sedated and I’m functioning much better. I think it’s because I don’t need a super high dose of my anti-psychotic, thanks to the lithium.

  6. That’s helpful thank you so much and yes that’s my goal is to not need so much of the antipsychotic.

  7. You’re welcome! I really do hope you find the combination that works for you. Please don’t give up, and remember that it’s a journey with a lot of trial and error. I believe you’ll find a good balance eventually.

  8. I know I will, it’s just the in between that sucks lol. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement

  9. I think it depends on how you tolerate the Abilify. If you can function like normal on it and it helps you then I would stay with it but antipsychotics can be tough and I can tell you that I WISH I could try another antidepressant before using an antipsychotic but at the same time some people respond well to them with little to no side effects and it might be a life saver for you. I think it would depend on how it works for you, it can have debilitating side effects for some and others have no side effects at all but I guess you really don’t unless you try. Good luck to you

  10. I had the same experience and had to stop it. I felt like I was losing it

  11. 6 days I couldn’t take it no more. I didn’t feel like myself at all and my anxiety was through the roof and I didn’t feel like I had regular emotions like I couldn’t get happy or excited about anything. Stopped it and was back to normal the next day

  12. happened to me after extremely sensitive emotions for a few months in the beginning. then once i stopped and got back on it turned into rage episodes because of unexplainable haziness and feelings of distance and unsolvable frustration - just don’t bother with it.

  13. I tried it once a few years ago and it made me very irritated and angry. This time it just seems to have made me numb feeling or maybe it’s the combination of meds idk but I know I don’t feel like myself at all.

  14. Wellbutrin doesn't usually numb emotions so it may be the other drug or the combination. The anxiety effect may or may not wear off but it should get better. It takes a few months to really work it's best.

  15. I was on it and developed anhedonia and akisthasia at the lowest dose... switching to Latuda :/

  16. How long before you noticed it was causing these things. I’m on week 5 and I feel like it’s gotten worse this last week like a lot worse

  17. Wait really? Did he specify how irritated because I'm constantly in a state of irritation it feels like

  18. No she didn’t specify. I’ve only been on it 5 days been when she prescribed it she told me that

  19. Anyone feel like they are in a haze since taking Vraylar? I’ve been on 1.5 mg for 2 weeks. I think I’m going to stop taking it. I feel like I lost my personality. I have zero motivation. And just feel so blah and down. Not seen many people talk about this. But someone else has to have experienced this right?

  20. It was great for the first few weeks then the severe fatigue set in and I had to take it every other day. On the days that I take it I don’t feel like myself almost emotionless like I can’t get excited or happy about anything and have zero motivation. This med really flipped on me after the first few weeks so yes I’ve experienced the same

  21. In what what did you feel better? I’m sleeping many many hours a day and my motivation is at zero. I will admit I hate my job and I’m thinking that can contribute but I think I may need to switch medicine. I’ve been fighting MDD for a year now

  22. I am dealing with the same with Vraylar. Absolutely no motivation and feel like I can’t feel any pleasure or excitement just blah all the time until it wears off then I feel completely normal. I’ve taken meds that were much worse but I don’t like this one either

  23. I did really well on abilify, but after pregnancy it gave me horrible akathisia. I did not have luck with vraylar, but am now on Caplyta and love it. Are you also on cogentin by chance?

  24. No I’m not and glad your doing well on caplyta. That’s one of the only ones I haven’t tried.

  25. I think cogentin can help with that - it didn’t for me but may be worth asking about

  26. I started taking it a few months ago. It caused extreme fatigue in the beginning, but it eventually wore off. I'm still more tired than usual but it's not as bad. Definitely snapped me out of my extreme manic episode though. Hope it works for you!

  27. How long did it take for the fatigue to ease up for you? This drug has worked great for me, I’ve been on it a month but the fatigue is horrible I’m really hoping it wears off

  28. I'd say around the 2-3 months mark I began to not be AS tired. I felt like a zombie for the first few weeks and now (4 months later) I just feel sorta hazy

  29. What dose you on? Just curious as I'm on Lexapro 20mg which helps a lot, but my doctor's recommending adding Abilify to crush the remaining panic and anxiety I'm still experiencing. He's planning on a low dose (either 2 or 5mg) just wondering what your experience has been like?

  30. I did great on 2 mg and it worked wonders for depression and anxiety but I had to go off of it because when I upped my dose to 5mg it caused akasthsia. I’m on Vraylar now and doing great for the first time in 8 months. I would stay low as possible on Ability but it does work great at lower doses

  31. I’m thinking of switching from Zyprexa to Abilify too. Have you noticed any weight loss with the switch to Abilify?

  32. I ended up having to stop the Abilify because of aknasthia but yes I was less hungry.

  33. Thank you for posting this! I am currently in the process of being brought off certain meds and also finding the right meds that work the in between has thrown me into horrid depression that has left me not living the full life that I used and I beat myself up for not being able to do the same things that I used to. It comforting knowing I’m not the only one going through this or has been there. I hope that you find a happy medium between what you want to do and what your able to do and I pray I find that one day soon too

  34. Hang in there! You are not alone. I hope it's not too rough on you and you find the meds that do work. The active pain of depression is something that I don't wish upon anyone, and you should know that you are hardcore for managing through it to come on the other side. I had some friends remind me of that, though I'd personally take a break from being hardcore and catch my breath, ya know. Wish you so much luck.

  35. What do you think of the Trileptal? My psych wants me to try it.

  36. I take a very small dose because I couldn’t tolerate anymore then 75mg. It was great and my doc swears but but it sent me into a really bad depression but it also made me extremely weak and tired. Most people don’t have that reaction to it, I am extremely sensitive to meds. It’s definitely worth a try, it works great for a lot of people.

  37. NOS bipolar is not-otherwise-specified bipolar. It means you get the bipolar lows and depressive episodes but only short bouts of hypo mania. I might not be the best example because I’m not even sure I have it but if you think you have it it’d be good to examine if you have hypomania and if you do how long it lasts. And if you have depressive episodes if they correlated to anything or random. Family history is also super important since it’s genetic!

  38. yeah I’m in a similar boat of like what if I am but what if I’m not? if you think you have it then bring it up but ultimately it’s been you and the doctor to figure it out. I’m going through a stage of I want to go off my meds in the hopes I’ll feel similarly when I’m off them but what if I’m so much worse and have to start all over again to find the right ones? going to therapy soon hopefully that’ll help

  39. I take it at night but I’m not sleepy the next day. Before Latuda I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning but now I can. Maybe try taking it earlier in the evening?

  40. I might try that. How much do you take? I’m on 20 mg and still struggling with my depression

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