1. I think this might be my favorite paint job on here I’ve seen so far, really fantastic work. LOVE the shading

  2. If I saw that thing coming around a corner I’d be afraid to become one of those skulls. Great paint job!

  3. Just finished up the session that included this boss!!! My party was terrified but one of my 2 paladins absolutely demolished the beast with Divine Smite. They pulled a ton of extra damage since the beast was undead and they finished it off with a crit; they destroyed the lower left half and took this thing apart chunk by chunk!

  4. That’s what I had figured, the RNG is either really bad or really good usually

  5. Made some terrain/tiles for upcoming session with my group. Somewhat of a necromancers dungeon. Still need to make some other stuff like bookcases and such and maybe a study area.

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