My grandma has recently become animal crossing obsessed, this is her Christmas Tree this year!❤️🎁🎄

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  1. He went to his car to get his wallet and never came back, yet needed uber to get to his moms? Why did he not sleep in his car? I think hes full of shit about getting a job, and frankly kick him back to his moms house and find a better person.

  2. That first pic he is proud as shit, its so cute and so " i'm doing my job". Love it!

  3. Bc opiods constipate. When you dont go for a while it can stretch your colon and then, when you do go.... Dramatically huge turds.

  4. Hes a beauty! Looks velvety cute. May you both have precious moments and a lifetime of love tucked in each others embraces. Ty for loving him and giving him a good life. You c an tell by his eyes he knows your love for him, that is absolutely priceless.

  5. Awww what a sweet pup. Im sorry he's gone ahead, and understand how hard it is losing him. Give yourself time and space to grieve him, and be gentle on yourself. You loved him deeply and gave him a great run! 17 yrs is a long loving life, he was so lucky to have you be his friend on the journey!

  6. You are incredibly talented. What a beautiful illustration!

  7. Long toe nails. Dutch ovens. Stealing my fav pillow.

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