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  1. "The boars squeal like children when they're being slaughtered. I find

  2. She has her mother's stern determination and sense of duty. And her father's heart.

  3. Also, just like them, she does whatever she wants.

  4. I'm convinced Silco's licky weird henchman is the future Mundo.

  5. Not to mention, when Vander grunts while being pumped up with shimmer, his grunts sound very similar to Warwick when doing Auto attacks or ulting.

  6. Also the movement of his hands in that scene look very similar.

  7. It wasn’t important that the audience think she had done it. It was important that the audience not be certain that she hadn’t. And the show definitely succeeded on the latter, so job well done there.

  8. I'm still not certain she hadn't done it after like a 100 re-watches. The scene remains tense even when you know how it will turn out.

  9. It's been six months since the servers went down. Society as we know it has all but disintegrated. Players are alone, struggling to survive. I leave soapstone notes, hoping for communication from anyone, but the floors are blank. Even the bloody echos have disappeared. I fear the isolation will be the death of me.

  10. Today marks the 4th month but yeah not 6 lol. Feels like it though

  11. The boss giving me the most trouble was dragonslayer armor. I have no idea why. On second playthrough, instead of quality build, I played pyromancer and that made it completely trivial.

  12. And I'm counting all the DLC bosses. Gael didn't give me nearly as much trouble. Although, Gael, Halflight and Midir are the only bosses i have fought only after plenty of experience with pvp.

  13. You know what would be really cute? Have some decorative item nearby Gaston that’s magnetically locked to the floor and then people can challenge Gaston to lift it, but there’s a chip in his glove that unlocks it so only he is able to lift it

  14. Could you imagine what we could do with our intelligence if we cooperated like ants

  15. Bro what? Gundyr, Vordt, Pontiff, Watchers, Nameless, SoC etc etc. And that’s just Dark Souls 3!

  16. Vordt? You just get behind him and spam R1. I mean, it's cool that it kind of breaks the trope of big knights are slow, but still... he is a boar with ice breath, that's it.

  17. I initially thought the same about ER soundtrack until I made a list of my favourite tunes:

  18. I'm surprised The regal ancestor spirit is not on that list.

  19. They removed all mention of multiplayer from their previous dark souls games.

  20. Yeah, it would be far better if the mention was still there and people would believe that the game they're buying has multiplayer...

  21. The only reason they do not fix it is because they want people to play Elden Ring

  22. What sense does it make though? Most players who can would play ER anyways, while people with old PCs could still get into the genre while it's fresh. This only hurts their name. They are a pretty small studio and the tweet makes much more sense than you do - they need to focus on the new game, because that would hurt them even more, if they didn't.

  23. Well yes, but actually it is only 12,5 % U.

  24. Ale to je velké U. A velké věci jsou... velké.

  25. “All The Tired Horses” is now my favourite song of all time. My heart is still racing from that scene in the caravan.

  26. Nvm, found it. "All The Tired Horses" - Lisa O'Neill

  27. Dancer for best music and moveset. Oceiros for his dialoge during fight and his story (man, he is fucking feral) and Friede for the biggest challenge. (I didn't fight Gael yet)

  28. Well, Dark Souls servers are down at the moment, so don't expect any "helpful" messages and any player invasions. But once they are up again, expect to be invaded even if you're playing solo. In DS3 for example, you can be invaded anytime if you're embered and not fighting a boss.

  29. I never got the nostalgia bait vibe from 3 but that's probably just me. It felt more like a culmination of everything in the trilogy than intentional fan service. Again though that's just my take.

  30. I played DS3 first, and only recently downloaded DS1. And there are a lot of similarities. Don't get me wrong, plenty of original in both games, just the NPCs and their quests seem very similar. It's like the story mirrored each other. A lot of reused concepts basically, but I don't think it was for its detriment. Examples:

  31. for anyone wondering I bought my first telescope for £25 and saturn looked the same as this, get out there and explore

  32. Very doubtful. Unless you were lucky and someone undervalued the telescope that they were selling.

  33. Can you elaborate? I thought China has similar child birth policy as Russia now.

  34. How are you so sure? RCE is hella more serious.

  35. I love the premise. And I love a lot of details and lot of scenes. It just didn't click for me yet. Still a great reccomendation though.

  36. i kinda wish i wasnt just a clump of jelly glued together. Fuck, reality is scary.

  37. Why is that scary? Can you elaborate? What would you wish to be instead that is less scary?

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