1. Ofc it's not all of them, but since we had to move our delivery shelf behind the counter cause they kept taking the wrong orders it's just gotten worse. A while ago, I was putting a couple of gallons of milk in the barista fridge since we ran out and there was a lady waiting at the counter. I gave her a "I'll be right with you!" since I thought she was going to order and I couldn't leave the milk out. Took all of 30s and when I went back up she snapped at me and said: "You really just let paying customers wait like that?" I tried to explain and then she just repeated herself. Like girl I get you need to be fast to make more money, but 1) it was literally 30s and 2) if you are really in that much of a rush just quickly lmk you're just picking up and I can try to work with you.

  2. I have had one up in my dorm for the longest time lmao, i had it on the “charged up!” side for the fall semester and just flipped it over to “spring flavor fling” for the spring semester (from C2-3?? of last year I think)

  3. It’s times like these when I wonder why they wouldn’t just go to the grocery store

  4. I recall the frozen strawberry lemonade was pretty tricky to make. At least for me. But it might have been because people would order it back to back and it would easily clear out whatever I had in the barista fridge.

  5. Those would drive me crazy because they would always end up short if you made them exactly the way the screen said to

  6. I remember I got one of these and tried to use it for myself and a couple were already redeemed lol

  7. It depends if you work corporate or franchise, my franchise pays every other Wednesday. However, our first two checks once we start working are on paper. I would check with your manager to see if they have it in the office potentially.

  8. Our training manager was there while we were making the samples today, we are a franchise so it might be different, but apparently, the answer is: wrap it in thermal paper like a normal sandwich then put it in a 12# bag and lay it flat,, assuming if there was quite a few they would just go in a barrel bag.

  9. iPhone 11 Pro Max, I typically hold on to phones until they literally do not work anymore and then get a newish one so I don’t have to replace it for a while.

  10. Was at work cutting a bagel for a sandwich and didn’t realize someone had already sliced it; knife slid right into my finger so now I have a small scar on my right middle finger. Best part is after we made the sandwich (with a different bagel ofc) the guest decided to change their mind at the window (drive thru) so it was all for nothing.

  11. Cat, just choose a human and get free food and rent free housing

  12. Imagine being 19 and having to bring someone 21 or older with you oml

  13. Not a big fan of the mango either, the strawberry mint is really good tho imo.

  14. I love your wallpaper!! Do you have the blank image 👀

  15. I'm agnostic, I still say bless you cause societal conditioning ig

  16. Good ol’ bread boobs, happens a lot at my cafe lol

  17. I think both have pros and cons and it really depends on what you prefer. I lived in Douthit East and the wet core was nice because I didn’t have to clean/stock it myself or wait on another person cause there were so many bathrooms and it felt more private cause there wouldn’t be someone waiting on me. Though with suite bathrooms not having to go down the hall every time would be nice cause with the wet core I’d have to bring my key at all times and pack a caddy if I was showering. Also even if it’s cleaned with wet core you’re still sharing with everyone in your hall so keep that in mind if you’re a germaphobe.

  18. I think smile because the nose is already formed by the headshape imo if that makes sense

  19. can i ask why flairs are necessary? in my head this all just seems too complicated and i would have just removed all of them

  20. Because of the age gap on this sub many users prefer to sort by flair to filter out some of the child posts, we are working to uncomplicate it.

  21. I'd say to not enforce flairs at all, as some posts don't fit into any flairs. Just an idea though.

  22. Unfortunately this just isn’t possible as it’s too time consuming to correct flairs every time, users are allowed to repost if they mess up and usually if something doesn’t fit it can just go under meme/humor or question/help/discussion

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