1. Put your fobs in a faraday cage. I’m glad my ram only has push button start but not keyless entry. Manufactures should be disabling the keyless entry all together until they come up with a safer system.

  2. Push button start are the easiest ones to steal

  3. To save everyone a click: Not real stores, just those fake little pop-up stores in The Bay.

  4. Bill C-21 is only used by the liberals to get the bad press attention off of Trudeau! This time I hope he shot himself in the foot! But in all truth national post is a little behind in this story as Olympic Sport Shooting was finished in the first round of Gun Bans .. Every Single one of my Hunting Firearms is Now Prohibited including my shotgun so I have a gun Safe full of paper weights

  5. Sorry I’m confused if you don’t mind teaching me something. But I’m thinking you need to figure yourself out, before you try having any realationships! 1 you are saying you are non-binary so no male or female. 2 your telling me your a trans girl 3 then you are bi, I think you need to stop thinking about what the liberal oriented schools have taught you about all these different sexualities and sit down and figure out who you are ! And being quite lonely late at night running thru scenarios of your perfect partner is called 16 year old hormones this is 100% normal and we have all gone thru it . Relax you have a long time ahead of you Figure yourself out first then the rest will fall into place !

  6. In 2008 the age of consent in Canada was raised from 14 to 16, by Stephen Harper's government.

  7. Better look that up again Disgusting Trudeau put it back down to 3 years difference and not a figure of authority

  8. Doug ford is a Liberal and wants to ruin Canada just as much as Trudeau the only people that will be able to afford to goto a hospital soon with this guy running Ontario are him and his rich friends

  9. Hm. New users are forced to send a message to the sysop, but I didn't have enough access to do so.

  10. Your account was created I think you just have to close the mail program ?? It just there so I know to upgrade a new user

  11. Thank you for pointing this out not sure why that is happening because I don’t have any access restrictions for anything except Fido net.. I will look into this and hope you try again

  12. Well it’s good to see the dryer vent is clear.. hopefully he actually cleared the gas vents and exhausts

  13. It’s easy fix leave his ass !!! Once a cheater always a cheater !!! If you don’t want to get hurt you know that guy that you friend zoned he is madly in love with you. Date him and you will never have to worry about getting hurt or cheating again !

  14. They should even have to have a motorcycle license. They have no clue about the rules of the road and so many times almost open door on them because they are driving the curb side instead of blocking side of lane. Also should have to have a actual DOT Helmet like the rest of us! They Mod these electric bikes and they no longer do only 50km I seen one that can do well over 100km no problems

  15. I thought it was just my eyes going bad 😢

  16. All newer vehicles have them blinding lights can’t charge people for owning a new car secondly if you are a person with them blinding headlights get them aligned once in awhile and if you are one of those people that upgraded headlights then defiantly get them aligned just because your headlight alignment was good with the factory bulbs as soon as you change them they do not have same focal point


  18. Punctuation is a great thing when your not typing on a little mobile device! So how about your worry about yourself and your own punctuation !

  19. This is easy he obviously has no respect for you.. pack your stuff and get the Hell out !! Remeber the saying “Once a Cheater, always a Cheater” move on your Yonge and can get anyone you want and don’t let him see your hurt !!!

  20. At least you know he is home with you and not out getting in trouble, maybe ask him to wear head phones or move system to another room where it won’t disturb you, why not get a system for yourself and join him in the games he plays

  21. NDP is a broken party pretty sure it’s not even a party , This Party is as big of a joke as the the Trudeau liberals

  22. So she joined your team ! You took her under your wings and got her promoted! Consensual adult or teen nineNINE(TEEN) she is fresh out of school still smells like pee. you are just another person of authority taken advantage of that situation I don’t know if you have children but I’m guessing not!! Or you wouldn’t even be on here asking this question shit man your old enough to be her father/grandfather !

  23. The roller coaster that goes thru the mountain was open when I was there last week, but expensive for what it is, you pay to get thru the gate and if you want to skate it is an additional 15.00/person

  24. Just let me know where and when ! 👅👅💦💦👅👅

  25. I have yet to find a place that makes shawarma better the “The Hanger” on Flame Shawarma and Grill. On Torbram Rd and Derry Rd, Mississauga so I am very interested in this thread where in Barrie is the best place to introduce Shawarma to my GF, the one place We went in Barry was the grossest place I have ever had I think it was called twisted Indian over on Duckworth in one of them plazas or in that area anyhow

  26. Please don’t use ADHD as an excuse for his behaviour, yes we can get out of control when it comes to impulse control once we have 1 it may turn into another and another but behaviour and being abusive is all him. I don’t drink very often myself or smoke but when I get drunk my friends love being around me, according to them I just want to love everyone and have fun And I don’t smoke because all I wanna do is sleep it’s the same if a ADHD person drinks red bull We get that initial boost of energy for maybe 5 minutes if we are lucky and go into a coma for hours.. I have 4 ADHD friends and we are all the same we get drunk and want to have fun and love the world and then we crash and sleep..

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