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Biden to Cancel $10,000 in Student Loan Debt for Borrowers Earning Less Than $125,000

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  1. I go to New Orleans just to eat. 3-4 days of the best damn food and then fly back home.

  2. In New Orleans I ate a shrimp po boy and 3 beignets and legit could not keep my eyes open. The only time I've truly experienced "the itis". Then we had homemade gumbo for the first time and it happened for the second time. Something about that cajun cooking

  3. I was walking around downtown after my gf and I grabbed dinner and could hear them chanting Tua on FS. Crazy energy in the city tonight. Was sad to learn why they were chanting it though

  4. Anyone here the bengals fans start chanting “Tua” as he was carted off? That’s nice

  5. Was walking outside of the stadium and could hear it, sad to hear why I heard it. Godspeed to your QB hope the homie is ok, dude is a warrior and a ton of fun to watch.

  6. Saw a dude catch a mantis shrimp in a kayak and it punched a hole in his foot. Would not recommend

  7. I caught one in a crab trap some years ago. Threw it in a bucket with some blue crabs, and it started beating the shit outta them, so I had to keep it in it's own bucket. Tasted like a tiny lobster

  8. That's so weird. It wasn't the first time i looked at it.

  9. Might be one of those annoying mobile overlay things idk.

  10. This explains why I only like bloody marys when I fly

  11. Nicokick has a decent selection of pouches. Swedish pouches are better tho. You can get them from snuscentral but since shipping is expensive it’s really only good if you’re buying a lot at once.

  12. Fuck nicokick. Submitted my drivers license, phone number and legal name and they didnt allow my order. Im over 30.

  13. Ever had one with buttered and toasted sourdough? Cuts through the rich saltiness of the bacon. With avacado it is god-tier

  14. This thread is snappy and I appreciate it.

  15. Absolutely worth the money even if you only use it to make beans. Source: love beans, only use it really to make beans. All kinds. May make some tonight.

  16. Try instapot spaghetti. Shit will tweak your nips my boy

  17. 8 ply .4 nichrome core, 28g nichrome frames, .3 nichrome ribbon outer. .06 ohms. This was my first successful tsuka and I must have cleaned them a dozen times in the ultrasonic to get the colors because I wasnt sure I could build them again.

  18. Jesus that chokes me up and makes me so uncomfortable. Amazing scene

  19. Another shot. Lots of ghosting in these pics as I was figuring out how to use stacking software

  20. This is a mouthful, 2x28g nichrome ribbon frames, 10x.4 nichrome staple core, 36g nichrome fuse. 5 wraps around 2.5 mm .06 ohms for pair. Only ran on a dna 250 on very low wattage. Druga V1

  21. i wish i had ur skills for real.. shllllt is fly asfvvvvk

  22. Just practice and have the hunger to learn. I was quite obsessed with building when I did it. Did it 8 hours a day and amassed a huge following. It was really fun

  23. You used to make some nice coils! Do you think you still got it? I bet you could kick off the rust pretty quickly. I'm mainly a staggered builder but practice aliens every so often. I've only tried stitched and interlocks a few times.

  24. Oh yeah I have built thousands of pairs im sure I could get back into it. Problem is I dont have my coil making tools anymore and Idk if my wholesale accounts for wire are still active. Hard to sell coils when advertising is banned on every platform. Ill see if I can dig up any more old pics, I used to go crazy with builds

  25. Hey man have you tried the prologue? It came out today and carries over your progress. New chars and new skills it feels much better now. Cheers!

  26. He's Hank Moody for me but also Mulder

  27. David Spade is Joe Dirt. I know there was Tommy Boy but I was born in 91 so that movie was peak comedy to me

  28. For 5.99 a pop! Bullshit gimmick fruit

  29. What a fucking LOSER jfc my blood is boiling. I sincerely hope he gets hit by a bus

  30. Actually don't, let the 20k hit then let them reassess your monthly payment. With OP's $627 left over it'll likely be the minimum $50/month. Then just pay the $50/month on time for the next 13 month.

  31. This. I paid my car off this year when I recieved a large bonus at work. They didnt care I gave them over 5k. My score went down 33 points

  32. My remaining loan will be completely wiped out! Wow

  33. That is the most unfriendly UI I have ever seen, jfc

  34. Spitting a fucking goober on the dick as lube. Bro that is nasty as fuck. Either use lube or foreplay for longer

  35. So thats why her breath smells like 10 cans of bounce that ass

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